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  UK sponsorship news update ... 1st July, 2010
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It's clear successful showjumper Kirsty Pearce can be a winner in the sponsorship arena

Kirsty Pearce is currently looking for a sponsorship deal to forward her already successful showjumping career.

Kirsty travels to all shows around the UK and into Europe in 2011.

Kirsty and Jon (her husband) fund themselves to a very high level; but they are now ideally looking for a sponsor to finance Kirsty - with the opportunity to purchase top rated showjumpers and quality youngsters to bring on and sell (if the sponsor wishes).

Kirsty has already (this year) been televised and interviewed by Sky Sports after a successful win against the top riders and horses.

"Please look at the website for more information and feel free to contact myself, Jon Hyams, or Kirsty Pearce on 07590 230508".

Contact: Kirsty Pearce, Treasurer

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