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  UK sponsorship news update ... 4th February, 2011
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Take the reins as Title Sponsor of Horse Driving Trials - and hitch up to global media exposure

Horse Driving Trials, one of the few sports with royal patronage, is about to make a meteoric rise similar to rowing, snooker and darts, from obscurity to highly desirable prime time TV.

Horse Driving Trials events take place over three days, with three phases of Dressage, Marathon/Obstacles and Precision Cones.

"We are seeking a Title Sponsor for our National Premier League Series, run the length and breadth of Great Britain. We can offer your brand exposure to three million TV viewers and 500,000 live spectators.

"Our TV programmes are about to be transmitted into twenty-seven territories across the globe. 'Once in a lifetime' world class hospitality is core to the package, including carriage rides with world champions in some of Britain's finest private estates.


"We can also offer highly innovative social media and web-based promotions designed to hit your target audience. We are a sport that understands what a brand requires from a sports marketing package. We will work to make sure that your association with our sport returns a measurable performance improvement and excellent return on investment.

"You may never have considered Horse Driving Trials as a dynamic marketing partner, but then thought being involved with meerkats was a ridiculous idea ... initially.

"We would welcome the opportunity to present our ideas to you and to show you how an association with our sports property can elevate your brand and give it the 'competitive edge' in your arena".

Contact: Chris Hillman, Marketing Director

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