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13th February, 2017

Australian Aerial Skier Abbey Willcox's high-flying Olympic ambitions offer sponsors elite opportunities to share in her success

Abbey Willcox is a twenty year old from the Central Coast NSW.

"I'm a part of the Australian Freestyle Aerial Skiing Development Team - currently a Victoria Institute of Sport scholarship holder. I am seeking help as I prepare for future World Cup and Olympic events. Freestyle Aerial Skiing is one of the most breathtaking skiing disciplines.

"Competitors begin at a spot on the hill and ski straight down the mountain toward a concave jump (which ranges from 8 feet to as high as 13 feet) that hurls them into the air - then perform a variety of twists and somersaults in mid-air, and next attempt to stick the landing on their two skis on a 37-degree grade.

"Not to mention - we can fly up to fifty feet in the air. Australia has a very successful Aerial Skiing program - winning five Olympic medals in the last four Olympic Games - two of them being Gold. It's safe to say that Aerial Skiing isn't a sport for the faint-hearted.

"I started gymnastics at the age of four. Since day one I fell in love with the sport. There was something intriguing about being able to do what not many other people could do, and something so satisfying about working relentlessly to be in that top 1%.

"Thirty hours training a week until my mid teenage years gave me a lot of discipline and grounding as I prepare for a successful future in following my dreams - becoming an Olympic medalist and creating a life like no-one else.

"Coming from an elite gymnastics background of thirteen years with dual national titles won representing New South Wales, as well as a skiing background, I transitioned to aerial skiing in July 2015. Since then I have progressed far beyond the group I started with, to spend a big part of my time training with the current Australian Olympic team all over the world.

"I fall more and more in love with aerial skiing every single day, which only motivates me to train like no other - above and beyond the expectations. I'm a passionate, hardworking, intelligent, driven athlete who wants to be nothing but the best athlete and person I could be! Outside of Aerial Skiing, I'm an avid adventurer.

"Every spare day is spent trying something new and exploring a new place: whether it's hiking new trails, wakeboarding and spending time on the boat, exploring the ocean, bungee jumping, flying - I'm always finding new adrenaline adventures.

"I also started learning to fly helicopters - but stopped due to a need for funding to put towards my Aerial Skiing career.

"I'm also currently at university studying Public Relations with a double degree in Business. Becoming an Olympic champion is not my only goal - running my own successful business is equally important. I'm currently working on an investment to help financially whilst I train overseas.

"I seek sponsorship as I grow into an Olympic athlete and continue competing at an international level".

Contact: Abbey Willcox

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