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27th February, 2015

Ikon exhibits high profile opportunities linked to new work by Angolan artist Nástio Mosquito at Venice Biennale

Ikon, one of the leading museums in the UK, offers sponsors the opportunity to associate their name with the exhibition of works by artist Nástio Mosquito, at the 56th La Biennale di Venezia, which takes place between May and July, 2015.

La Biennale di Venezia is a major cultural event that attracts a varied international public. In 2009, the event drew almost 375,000 visitors in total and an average of 2,223 visitors daily.

"Our partner will benefit from playing the primary role in the development of an exhibition at once ground-breaking and high profile.

"Nastio Mosquito, born in Angola, worked as a film director and cameraman before developing an artistic practice that is extraordinary for its energy, intelligence and wit. It embraces video, music, live art and installation.

"This exhibition will include new work made by Mosquito for Venice, with performance planned to take place on Tuesday, 5 May at 7.00 pm. Ikon has an outstanding level of press visibility, reaching audiences worldwide via coverage in print, online and broadcast.

"Having entered the realm of social media, Ikon now has 37,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

"Your sponsorship will be recognised in our publicity material, mail-outs and flyers, and will include additional benefits. We are seeking funding to cover production costs".


Contact: Roma Piotrowska, Exhibitions Assistant

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