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Ref. no.
Description/contact info.
Ballet Nimba African Dance Theatre offers sponsors the opportunity to put their name to this exciting and vibrant African company with potential for worldwide touring - and therefore worldwide recognition of their support and sponsorship. "Be a part of something truly groundbreaking - 100% African but produced and therefore seen in the UK. Ballet Nimba African Dance Theatre is the first black dance company ever in Wales and the top company of its kind in the UK today. Led by the irrepressible Idrissa Camara of Guinea, Ballet Nimba combines musicians and dancers from across West Africa to produce dynamic, compelling dance theatre with amazing musicianship and percussive beats that will astound you. Camara is a young, up-and-coming choreographer who in just two years has taken his company to performances at the Southbank Centre and WOMAD's main stages. Expect to hear the sounds of a Fulani flute, Ngoni, Bolon Bata, Kirin, Djembe, Wassaoumba and the Doundoun drums, with six of the most agile dancers you've ever seen! Please contact us for updated details". Contact: Idrissa Camara, Artistic Director. Address: 473 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff CF5 1BA, Wales, UK. Tel.: +44 2920 217707. E-mail:
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Press quotes

    'One of the best kept artistic secrets burst on to the stage, grabbed us, mind, body and spirit and fed us a cherished hour of the most exciting and dynamic African dance imaginable ... if you want to celebrate the joy of living spend an hour with Ballet Nimba', Theatre in Wales Review. For the full review go to

    'The audience were utterly transfixed and overcome by the whole experience - the sounds, the movement, the beauty, and the emotional intensity of the story. Everyone was so surprised by the intensity of expression of the dancers and the musicians they could barely communicate the wonder that they felt", Classical Journey Radio review of Ballet Nimba at the Home festival -

    'Alongside these stand out performances for me over the weekend (at WOMAD) were ... Ballet Nimba's performances, including the Taste The World where they danced, sang, talked, explained how the instruments were made, and still got time to cook'. Read more at

    'What does the "D" in WOMAD stand for? "That's a popular question round these parts. It is, of course, "D" for "dance", an aspect of the festival upheld this time around by, among others, Ballet Nimba. If you thought ballet was all about pirouettes and pas de deux performed at half-speed, let these six dancers recalibrate your preconceptions. This is an energetic, at times highly acrobatic display of West African dance, a discipline somewhat cast into shadow by the spotlight shone on the region's celebrated melody-makers. Not that Ballet Nimba neglect the musical element. The calibre of its accompanying musicians equals that of its dancers, whether delivering furious percussive work-outs or embroidering their compositions with the undulating melodies of the balafon and Fulani flute. Although drawn from several countries across West Africa, Ballet Nimba's focus is on recounting the mythologies and history of Guinea through choreography. We guarantee it'll be the most frenetic and physical history lesson you've ever sat in on -"'

    ' ... traditional masks and outfits make Ballet Nimba's visually stunning performance into a real carnival event ... Two of West Africa's most talented percussionists competed to astonish the audience with their superhuman drumming", This is Bristol Online Review For the full review go to

    ' ... breath-taking performances by Wales' premier African Dance Theatre Company - Ballet Nimba', Black Heritage Today UK

    'Ballet Nimba has started making ripples in the UK dance scene', Southbank Centre Dance Blog ... an interview with Idrissa Camara - for full interview go to

    Meriel Sparkes, ADAD south west coordinator, talks with Idrissa Camara about the process of developing new work drawing from his traditional roots, and working with dancers from outside his culture, to create an African dance for a European audience -

    'An evening of West African culture, mythology, dance and music from Wales's new African dance-theatre company, Ballet Nimba. The show features traditional and contemporary Guinean dance from six agile performers, the rare talents of a Fulani flute player and the rootsy sound of the Ngoni, the traditional African acoustic guitar. Combined with the rousing rhythms of some of West Africa's most talented percussionists, it'll be a challenge to stay seated during the performance', press release from Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.


Bringing to life a beautiful production of original dance choreography, puppetry, original music and lighting ... is Stage Decadence. The company is made up of established professionals, home grown dancers and performing arts/youth development ambassadors. Nicki-Ann Rayepen and Noleen-Noel-Hefele from Stage Decadence Productions, along with established international designer Sibu Dladla (Jaded Lifestyles) are the conceptualisers of this project. Drawing on the inspiration of nature, creatures of flight, their natural habitats and social issues ... Birds. This is a 100% South African work, from story, original music score and ground-breaking costume design to the unique combination of puppetry with dance, here lie the ingredients that create this unique show. "We have a team of ambitious project members, including Sarah Hill as Director (Cape Town Opera, Janice Honeyman) and two apprentice choreographers/assistants - hence equipping young performers with the 'know how' to operate in the business world of the arts, as well as talented up-and-coming dancers and choreographers. "We are incorporating different dance forms like Latin American Fusion, Contemporary, Classical/neo-Classical, Funk and Hip Hop and costumes using colour, feathers, gems and edgy fashion design together with clever shadow puppetry techniques and - of course - amazing lighting!"      How this will be done The aim of this project is to transform young individuals and provide opportunities for work for artists in South Africa. A strict pre-show rehearsal process will be in place for eight weeks, with Director, stage manager, managing cast and backstage, choreographers, assistants and performers. 1. Birds Of Paradise: these birds represent people who live in luxurious surroundings with lavish backgrounds, detached from the harsher environments of their counterparts. 2. Birds Of Prey: these birds represent the advanced bird, smarter, sharper, respected. 3. Birds of the City: these birds have evolved to survive in the concrete jungle; their plight - living in a harsh, manmade environment - makes this our last piece.
     Conclusion: we are in need of sponsorship for this venture in order to fund a quality original product. A full proposal with visual presentation is available on request. "As the funding is needed within the next two months, the sooner sponsors get on board the more exposure they will receive, as branding will be on all advertising and media material. Also, bear in mind that we will be profiling birds and endangered birds too - this is a strong environmental awareness aspect, offering associations with which many corporates would wish to be aligned. We look forward to your support! With thanks, the Birds team". Contact: Noleen Noel-Hefele. Address: 30 Upper Warwick Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa 7825. Tel.: 0730190265. E-mail:


FADCreationS ( is a new business that offers a wide variety of high quality services and products related to dance: dance instructional DVDs, competitions, conventions, choreography, production management for school shows and other child development products. The company's services are in high demand and will grow at a faster rate than that of the country's own GDP. Due to the growth of the economy in South Africa and post-apartheid equality, more individuals are now requiring advanced dance-related opportunities and services. FADCreationS' intention are to offer quality training to all dancers; to mentor talented dancers with the possibility of earning income from dancing; to encourage professional dance teachers to become part of FADCreationS' pool of knowledgeable experts; to maintain a high teaching standard; to impart valuable experience, knowledge and expertise gained within the industry; and to offer quality dance training courses both face to face, electronically and eventually online. "I am inviting you to take part in the development of FADCreationS' drive to integrate South Africa into the global mainstream society of dance by fostering and promoting the art in its communities. I also invite you to help add value to the country's dance education and projects through the provision of monetary or product sponsorships. Encouraging young talent in South Africa is our dream and with the support of individuals and organisations like yourself, we can try and we can succeed. Unfortunately, dance is experiencing major shortcomings in terms of funding in South Africa and our resources do not always allow for the big dreams and projects we at FADCreationS aim to accomplish. This is why FADCreationS seeks your support. I write to you today seeking your help. We are in need of donations to turn this amazing journey into a reality. Any and all donations will be gladly accepted and put us that much closer to our ultimate goal. Please know that your sponsorship will be utilised to ensure the support and training of up and coming amateurs and professionals seeking expert guidance, as well as enhancing the image and popularity of dance within our wider community. FADCreationS is an ambassador for dance and art within our community, province and with your help, possibly, our country. Please contact us for updated details". Contact: Ferdinand Gernandt. Address: 44a Rose Street, Florida, Johannesburg, South Africa 1709. Tel.: +27 83 357 4302. E-mail:
link to website


The organisers of Top Model of Colour are looking for companies that wish to sponsor/support next year's event by providing either cash sponsorship, prizes or services for the competition. Last year's show was by far the biggest and best competition to date, with many thousands of candidates, heats around the country and a gala finale in London. The next competition is expected to be the biggest yet. The show is ongoing for nine months and consists of applications, live regional heats in July/August and the grand finale in November. So a sponsor receives continuous publicity from all client groups, models, family members and businesses. As ever the show has attracted unprecedented press coverage from the likes of the Evening Standard, Metro, the BBC and many more (as can be seen by searching the web for 'mahogany models' or visiting to get a feel for how big the show is). The competition is open to male and female models of African, Caribbean, Asian, Oriental, Hispanic and bi- and multi-racial ethnicity. Sponsors have the option of either sponsoring with cash and receiving higher prominence on the media information distributed or sponsoring prizes in kind and being a secondary or associate sponsor/supporter. Detailed current opportunities are listed below. This is the premium talent contest for models of ethnic minority descent and fills an important gap in the talent search market for people of colour. Many of the finest models working in the country today got their first break through the competition and everyone who has taken part confirms that the experience was really useful in getting day-to-day modelling jobs. "We welcome any other ideas or suggestions that you may have and we can tailor a package specifically for you and we look forward to hearing from you. To discuss the sponsorship packages and/or to receive a sponsorship pack or to become a sponsor of Top Model of Colour, please contact us". Contact: Shola Oyebade. Address: Rivington House, 82 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JF. Tel.: 07971 388687. Fax: 0207 739 8683. E-mail:
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Current opportunities

Cash sponsorship

Donate competition prizes (examples)
    flight tickets
    magazine cover shoots and/or articles
    fashion accessories
    dresses, shoes, etc.
    anything else that might be attractive to the winners or contestants

Provision of services for the competition (examples)
    event planner - to work closely with TMC to put the entire event together
    photographer - to be the official photographer as well as to do the female photoshoot
    fashion designers - to provide clothes for the male or female contestants for the finale and/or fashion shoot, press day (casual, swim or evening wear)
    hall/set designers
    any other service that might be beneficial to the competition

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United African Brothers (UAB) is a non-profit making organisation, founded in Sudan and based in Juba, Sudan and Nairobi, Kenya. It is a youth organisation whose founders are young Sudanese musicians, namely Dee Gee and Dogg2. UAB aims to help the youth of Africa to achieve its potential - and they are therefore seeking funding to support ventures in music, education, culture and sports in African countries. In particular, they are in the process of organising a concert in Nairobi this coming December and present a costed proposal for consideration by individuals or companies who might be prepared to support them via sponsorship. Contacts: Dee Gee, Dogg2. Tel.: 254727775343. E-mail:

  Download more info.!   Click button to download more information about from United African Brothers (pdf format)


WEZIMBABWE is a UK based charity and its premier event is called Zimfest™. This is an annual festival which has been held successfully over the last six years. Zimfest has grown to become one of the biggest African festivals and last year attracted over 5,000 people. Testament to the success of the event is that strategic partnerships have been established to give the event a unique global presence and it now takes place in five cities across the globe: London, Cape Town, Perth, Brisbane and Bulawayo, attracting Zimbabweans as well as locals in a truly multicultural celebration of Zimbabwean music and culture. "We are very proud of this achievement", says Head of Marketing Mike Tashaya, "and would like to offer you the opportunity to join us in the continued success of the festival. To this end we would like to discuss the possibility of your joining us as one of the sponsors and partners of this event. We currently receive extensive coverage in both local and national press, as well as several community focused publications. With Zimbabwe being the subject of constant debate we are assured of wide press coverage and have in the past been covered by, amongst others, the BBC, Virgin Media, the Sunday Independent, TNT Magazine and InLondon as well as several online publications and media services. We also provide a good opportunity to have your brand on thousands of computer screens via our website and our social media presence online. Over the last couple of years the event has been supported by Qantas, Coca-Cola, Western Union - to name just a few of the companies who have worked with one or more of the festivals around the world. Please take a look at the documents which provide you with a brief history of WEZIMBABWE and a detailed sponsorship proposal for Zimfest. If you are interested in finding out more or in discussing this opportunity further, please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact details provided". Contact: Mike Tashaya, Head of Marketing. Address: 54-64 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4JX. Tel.: 07876 430182. E-mail:
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  Download more info.!   Click button to download more information about WEZIMBABWE (pdf format)
  Download more info.!   Click button to download more information about WEZIMBABWE sponsorship opportunities (pdf format)
  Download more info.!   Click button to download more information about Zimfest (pdf format)
  Download more info.!   Click button to download more information about Zimfest London (pdf format)

Current sponsorship opportunities

Principal Sponsor (global)

Local Sponsor

Hospitality Sponsor (local)

Guest Sponsor

In return for sponsorship support, WEZIMBABWE will offer extensive promotion of the sponsor's brand as a named sponsor on all appropriate media releases, marketing material and online and social media marketing. This also extends to banner advertising on the day. More information is available on the event website.



Ref. no.
Description/contact info.
The Brunei Gallery, situated in the heart of London, is a free admission public venue which hosts a programme of changing exhibitions that reflect subjects and regions studied at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, of which the Gallery is part. The Gallery is dedicated to showing work of and from Asia and Africa, of both an historical and contemporary nature. Sponsorship is sought for a number of aspects of the exhibitions, including the educational events accompanying the programme of forthcoming exhibitions. Further details can be obtained from the Gallery. Contact: John Hollingworth, Exhibitions Manager. Address: The Brunei Gallery, SOAS, University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG. Tel.: 020 7898 4023. E-mail:
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Danzibar Festival is a week long Latin dance celebration on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania, taking place between July 15th and 20th, 2017. "The festival incorporates international artists'' performances, workshops and social dance, topped off with day excursions to the island. Six days of spectacular showcases will feature international Tango, Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata dancers, with classes from beginner to advanced levels, taught by world-class instructors. In addition, attendees will be offered Tango Milonga each night and also a nightly Salsa/Latino social on separate dance floors, as well as a wonderful array of activities and opportunities to enjoy the sublimely beautiful island of Zanzibar. The main venue for Danzibar 2017 is the Z Ocean Hotel in Kihinani, Bububu, Zanzibar, situated on the beach about 8 kms north of, and about a 15 minute drive from Stone Town. Z Ocean Hotel has been entirely reserved exclusively for Danzibar 2017. The festival will attract major worldwide coverage within the world of latin dance. Contact us soon to discuss exciting sponsorship opportunities". Contact: Pili. Address: Mahando Street number 2, 3006. Tel.: +255774491312. E-mail:
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In January of next year Natalie Theobald will be embarking on a film project in conjunction with a charity called Dramatic Need. The charity recruits artistic practitioners from all over the globe, to use their skills to teach kids in Africa, from rural and underprivileged backgrounds. "I have five years experience in the film industry and wanted to put my skills to better use, as I also hope to come back to England and set up similar workshops here, using their charity as a prototype. They have placed me in several schools working with the secondary school year, where I will be teaching them about the main principles of film making. This will allow them to create their own film projects, from the initial planning to the final edited piece. I plan to cover several filming styles from documentary and news broadcast to writing a short script for their own film. I feel that film is a great medium to teach young people useful life skills, from working in a team and delegating through to planning and organisational skills. I am taking with me my own kit - but need further funding to take out more kit. This would include a more professional camera, sound gear and smaller cameras. The classes comprise about fifty students and I know from doing previous workshops that it can become frustrating if they cannot get more hands-on experience - and I would like them all to get maximum benefit from this training". Contact: Natalie Theobald. Address: 114 Northwold Road, London E5 8RA. Tel.: 07727 052761. Fax: 07727 052761. E-mail:
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Joel Edrick Magambo, a twenty-two year old male, is a self-made screenplay/film script writer. "I have written three scripts so far and am currently completing the fourth. I have acquired knowledge from different international writers via the internet and from some local writers. I believe my scripts are best fit and educative because of their provocative story telling. I am now in search of a sponsor to buy filming equipment for the production of my first script, The Law, a screenplay about dictatorship, which has currently become as contagious as a virus in Africa. I promise my sponsors exclusive branding of their products during the film's production and distribution. A well-produced proposal for the film production is ready if asked for. I would appreciate receiving a response from a sponsor more interested in the film industry. I hereby guarantee my sponsor that my scripts are first standard, Hollywood-style, due to the mentorship of people like Brian Lee - and therefore I expect high returns after the sale of the final product. Sponsorship, if it could be arranged within the next three months, would mean a lot to the film production. I would of course be very happy to provide further details". Contact: Joel Edrick Magambo, Writer. Address: Raja Chambers, 1st floor, Room A008, Parliament Avenue, Kampala 256, Uganda. Tel.: +256777506481/+256702470533. E-mail:


South Africa's foremost receiving house of live entertainment - presenting the very best of world class theatre, sourced both locally and overseas - The Johannesburg Civic Theatre is an internationally recognised venue for global touring theatrical productions. A thriving, buzzing melting pot of cultures and artistic interests, the theatre offers an opportunity for South African performers, musicians, writers, creative directors, designers and technicians to develop their skills on a sponsored basis in order to create commercially viable and exploitable stage productions. With a five-star facility for private dining, corporate functions, business meetings, office parties and trade launches, The Johannesburg Civic Theatre represents a competitive platform for corporate sponsorship opportunities and long-term strategic partnerships. Contact: Sponsorship Department. Address: Loveday Street, Braamfontein, JHB, PO Box 31900, Braamfontein, 2017. Tel.: +27 (0)11 877-6800. Fax: +27 (0)11 877-6812. E-mail:
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The organisers of Miss Black Africa UK are looking for companies that wish to sponsor/support the next event by providing either cash sponsorship, prizes or services for the competition. "The organisation is founded on the principle of giving back and raising positive role models. To achieve this, we carry out activities all year round - so a sponsor receives continuous publicity from all client groups, models, family members and businesses and our numerous fundraising activities. The competition is open to female models with origins in east, west, southern and northern Africa. Sponsors have the option of either sponsoring with cash and receiving higher prominence on the media information distributed or sponsoring prizes in kind and being a secondary or associate sponsor/supporter. Online searches for Black or African pageants in the UK will reveal our popularity as we are usually listed as number one in search engines". Contact: Dele Onabowu. Address: 53 Dengayne, Essex SS14 1QJ. Tel.: 07830970465. E-mail:
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Soul Touch is a Christian dance and drama team of lively young and enthusiastic students from Makerere University Business School. It is an upcoming body with a strong reputation for spiritual- and moral-building concerts in secondary schools, higher institutions of learning and universities in Uganda. It is a non-profit making organisation run by unpaid volunteers, with the aim of touching souls and giving an opportunity to allow fresh talent a chance to shine. Sponsors will be given the opportunity to be credited on all promotional material, if desired. Contact: Akullo Grace, President, Ballet Team. Address: Makerere University Business School, PO Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda. Tel.: +256 41 578284. E-mail:
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Umzabalazo Art Consultants is a long-established Zimbabwean art consultant organisation based in Bulawayo. They have decided to venture into television and radio drama making after seeing its potential in the country. Umzabalazo have recently been involved in the making of a radio soap which was sponsored by the Centre for Disease Control (C.D.C) of the USA, but the project was under another organisation. Hence they now feel that they are ready to run similar programmes on their own. The organisation has television comedy and drama scripts that have been written - but does not have the money to produce them. In addition, they have more proposals for TV talk shows and game shows that they will wish to produce. Zimbabwe has one television channel currently and is anticipating opening a second one, so first preference is being given to locally-produced programmes. This produces a very high demand for television shows - a positive situation, provided sponsors can be found. The organisation feels that regardless of the hardships the country is currently experiencing, the art industry still stands a chance of becoming highly lucrative. Such projects will not only create job opportunities for the nation's youth, it will also help to tap the into the country's abundant talent. Umzabalazo Art Consultants believes that with the correct training and exposure they will make it in the entertainment industry, not only in their own country but also internationally. They know that with stable financial support they will be able to grow to become one of the recognised production houses in the country. They hope a willing sponsor will be able to help them achieve this goal. Contact: Sanelisiwe Mahlangu, Marketing Officer. Address: 1331 Thshepisong Phase 6, Rodeport, South Africa 1724. Tel.: 0027 78 7382038. E-mail:




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