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Description/contact info.
The Bulgarian Cultural Institute London (BCI London) is Bulgaria's official organisation in the UK which promotes Bulgarian culture, knowledge and tourism, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria. "The vast majority of the Institute's work is aimed not only at Bulgarians, but at the UK's wide, international audience. And, of course, being a semi-governmental organisation allows us access to infamous cultural heritage items and exhibits, and guarantees you the respect and acknowledgement received through partnering with/sponsoring such an organisation. With a focus on the promotion of different artforms and our supporters (ie you), BCI London organises and supports a broad spectrum of innovative projects, programmes and events. We offer a wide range of PR and marketing solutions to our sponsors, including international TV coverage, as well as great networking and contact-making opportunities. We also offer you the opportunity to periodically organise events for your company at our premises, which we will advertise for you! The Institute's ultimate goal is to draw attention to the great achievements and heritage within Bulgaria's vast cultural history, current and past events/achievements with an international bearing and to promote new talent. We also aim to encourage collaborations between Bulgarians, Britons and other nationals, be it on an individual or higher level. Just some of our aims are outlined here. Bulgarian Cultural Institute London aims to promote, support and develop cultural and social relations between Bulgaria and the UK through various means     by introducing Bulgarian culture to the UK's international audience through exhibitions, performances, concerts, film screenings, theatrical productions, discussions and debates, recitals, literary evenings, and many more!    by organising a multitude of interesting courses and seminars, as well as Bulgarian and international traditions and crafts evenings and workshops    by collaborating with, supporting and partnering with other similar institutions, Anglo-Bulgarian associations and other cultural representatives    by offering a library and reading room with a wide selection of Bulgarian and foreign literature, albums, films, dictionaries, guides and other materials    by providing tourist information and materials for all those who wish to visit Bulgaria and experience its exquisite cultural monuments first-hand. Please contact Ioanna Peeva for more information on sponsorship and/or partnership, or with your offer. Contact: Ioanna Peeva, Legal & Business Consultant/PR, Marketing and Finance; general information and enquiries Address: 188 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London SW7 5HL. E-mail:
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European Fairs and Festivals offers the opportunity to gain brand visibility at fairs and festivals across Europe. "Your brand on our Mercedes Benz Sprinter! Promote your brand at fairs and festivals all over Europe, from May to October. We are a professional American couple that tour Europe annually. Your brand will be in front of thousands of people every weekend and even during the week. We can choose the destinations or will work with you should you have required or preferred events. We are flexible and amiable to create a win-win situation. Please contact us for initial conversations". Contact: Bruce Olson. Address: 50 Entrada Court, San Francisco CA 95127. Tel.: (415) 533-8405. E-mail:


Kiasma was founded in 1990 as a centre for visual culture. Its key mission is to make contemporary art better known to the public and to strengthen its position by making and maintaining active contact with both artists and the public. There is a range of ways of supporting the museum, including corporate member support. Contact: Sponsorship Department. Address: Mannerheiminaukio 2, 00100, Helsinki, Finland. Tel.: +358 9 1733 650. Fax: +358 9 1733 6503. E-mail:
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Positioned midway between serialised TV shows and novels, Lambbooks produces and publishes Christian family entertainment: bite-sized, illustrated, serialised profiles of significant persons and events of the Christian calendar: Claudia Procula - the wife of Pontius Pilate, Pontius Pilate, Longinus, Judas Iscariot, etc. Publication is in colour and black and white, formatted to stream on all digital devices - mobile phones, tablets and computers - and also in paperback. "We currently have 130 titles. Publications are designed to appeal to some 2 billion believers worldwide, with publications in eight languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese and Japanese. But because names like Claudia Procula, Pontius Pilate and Longinus, etc., have become mainstream, it also aims to attract the remainder of the curious or critical public, with a focus here on entertainment. They are streamed onto a global delivery platform via our own website and also via Amazon channels to the US, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico and India. We aim to release two new titles/month/language.     Our reach - the nature of our content encourages lively debate and we have acquired a vigorous, interactive, debating audience on Twitter, with one of the highest records of favourited exchanges on the network, and also an interactive audience on Facebook, with daily impressions ranging between 20,000 and 103,000 impressions at minimum bid. With Twitter, Ads, at minimum bid, we achieve on average 50,000 impressions/day/cover, across English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Daily website traffic is now over 10,000 impressions/month and growing fast. With the right amount of resources, we can increase this traffic per title per day a hundred fold. Because our content is sourced from approved revelations carrying the imprimatur of the likes of Pope Pius XII, and actively promoted by the much-loved Saint Padre Pio and Mother Theresa, our audience trusts us. By partnering with Lambbooks, our sponsor(s) stand to benefit from this trust". Contact: Martha. Address: 2 Dalkeith Court, 45 Vincent Street SW1P 4HH. Tel.: +44-751-2916-706. E-mail:
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We offer the opportunity to incorporate the sponsor's logo

1. In a 10cm x 8.5cm revolving Announcement Screen on our Homepage
2. In a centre stage slide on our main home page slider: 21 cm x 10cm
3. Via a website banner, with choice of positioning on the header or side blogs
4. Included on all cover advertising, in any or all eight languages, in any or all market places.

  Download more info.!   Click button to download more information about sponsorship opportunities offered by Lambbooks (pdf format)


Music Crowns are the UK and Ireland's fastest growing (with 120,000+ Facebook followers alone) and most credible unsigned music awards focused on the rock and urban genres of music. The awards promote originality and creativity via the submission of the artists' own music for assessment via a credible music industry professional panel. Each genre has its own specialist judging panel who select a top ten finalists listing. These finalists then face the public vote to determine the overall winner of each section. A plethora of prizes and opportunities are awarded to the winners of the categories and for the fans of the concept alike. Previous judges include Montell Jordan (Platinum US R&B star), Ali Campbell (UB40), Jazzie B OBE (Soul II Soul), Skin (Skunk Anansie), Cas Haley (AGT runner up), Jamal Edwards (SBTV) and more than thirty others. Recent partners included SoundCloud,, ReverbNation and AudioRokit. "These partners provide us with an enhanced PR machine which any sponsor would benefit from (stats. are provided in our downloadable presentation). We are looking for a headline sponsor to partner with long term. And finally ... why did we create this concept? We created Music Crowns due to the tedium/monotony of comparable mainstream concepts that promote manufactured, short shelf-life artists through glorified karaoke to provide a platform for unsigned artists to have their music heard and opportunities presented to them no matter what their background, budget or genre of music". Contact: Adrian Smith. E-mail:
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  Download more info.!   Click button to download more information from Music Crowns (Powerpoint format)

Benefits of Headline Sponsorship

     Brand awareness/bespoke targeted campaigns
     Connecting with an audience who share/buy/connect with products that meet/match brand demographics
     3 x websites branded (Main, Rock, Urban) - forecast is to double fanbase year on year
     Presence on all social networking elements - Facebook/Reverbnation/Twitter/YouTube
     Logo present on new composite logos
     Extensive PR campaign running throughout the year
     PR from secondary partners: + + + +
     Ongoing nationwide coverage with some European and international coverage/interest (our main page has fans from twenty countries, mainly UK, Ireland and USA)
     Brand association through press, music press, bloggers, promoters, radio
     Awards Night featuring the winners and special guests attracting the very best of music press - filmed
     Presentation of awards by sponsor
     Backdrop logos behind all official photography
     The option to develop a sub-competition or feature within the event eg Fanzy or an Iphone app.
     Access to database for future promotions
     First refusal on 2013 sponsorship - ideally, we are seeking a long term partner whose own brand and product development/business plan fits perfectly with our target market
     Roll out across Europe


Theatro Transcendental offers a fresh yet concurrently ancient technique, in which theatre as an art form is used in order to educate and alter human consciousness. Through the use of sound, rhythm, movement and visual imagery, Theatro Transcendental aims to awaken ancient memories, to reveal to the viewers things which they have collectively forgotten. "The themes of our productions rise from eastern and Greek philosophy, spiritual truths and traditions and modern psychology, while the performers operate as artistic examples of how we can practically utilise philosophical and psychological theories in our everyday lives. Our first production, The Room of Unlimited Possibilities, after a sold-out run in Cyprus (where we are based), proved that our endeavour could not only succeed as a piece of theatre, but that it is possible for theatre to go beyond entertainment to become a transformational experience about life and change. We are now eager to test this production abroad, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We have a great deal to offer sponsors interested in advertising in both Edinburgh and Cyprus, including logo exposure in Cyprus’ third leading newspaper, Politis, as well as several Cypriot magazines. Our leaflets and posters will also be widely distributed in both countries, and your logo will be featured on all of our advertising material. Our website will display your logo, and a description of what your company offers, and this information will also be sent to our mailing list, which exceeds 1,000 members and grows daily. All interviews, including television, internet and radio related to the project will mention your contribution. We can also offer free workshops, performances and yoga classes to your company members, subject to the offer made, and whether or not this is practically possible for us. We will accept no more than three sponsors, in order for us to offer as much exposure as possible. Alternatively, in order to become our sole sponsors, the full amount we would require is £5,000, which would enable us to give your company maximum and far more exclusive exposure". Contact: Eleni Cosma. Address: 19 Eleonon Strovolos, PO Box 23535, Nicosia, Cyprus 1684. Tel.: +35799832370. E-mail:
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Ref. no.
Description/contact info.
The Pompidou Centre houses one of the most important museums in the world, featuring the leading collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe, a vast public reference library with over 2,000 places to work, general documentation on 20th century art, cinema and performance halls, an institute for musical research, educational activity areas, bookshops, a restaurant and a café. Contact: Patronage (Sponsorship) Department. Address: Centre Pompidou, 75191 Paris cedex 04. Tel.: +33 1 44 78 15 92. Fax: +33 1 44 78 16 82. E-mail:
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The success of Leeds Freestyle Dance Society can be seen not just in its trophies (it was undefeated nationally and internationally in 2014 and 2015), but also in the incredible 100,000+ views of its YouTube channel, which attracts thousands of viewers from inside and outside the UK. "We are contacting you with regard to sponsorship for the coming academic year and for our national competitions in 2016. Our society would like to provide sponsors with a great opportunity to increase brand presence among students and Dance enthusiasts, not only in Leeds but throughout the country and internationally. As a relatively large society with an average of ninety members, the marketing value derived from your logo being branded on our hoodies and uniforms would be exceptional. Our uniforms are worn not just around campus, but at the Sheffield and Loughborough national competitions, in which over 1,000 students and thirty universities take part each year. This is not to mention the international competition in Spain in which we participate annually, and our numerous performances across Leeds and at university shows. These branding opportunities will increase awareness, not only for you as a company, but also as a company that helps students in their careers, even during their education. With our weekly class videos displaying your logo and our triumphant win of Leeds University Union's 'Best Publicity' awards 2014 and 2015, alongside winning 'Best Dance Society', we really are the number one society to promote your brand! We would of course be happy to follow up an initial contact with a meeting or telephone conversation to discuss any questions or comments you may have". Contact: Samuel Gomez. Address: 5 Royal Park Avenue, Hyde Park, Leeds LS6 1JY. Tel.: +447943443259. E-mail:
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Download more info.!   Click button to download more information about sponsorship opportunities offered by Leeds Freestyle Dance Society (pdf format)


"I am a young, dramatic soprano at the exciting yet challenging juncture between the end of my studies and the beginning of my career. In order to get work I must go and audition in Europe this coming autumn, but the cost of travelling to other countries is currently well beyond my means. I am therefore seeking sponsorship. If you choose to trust and invest in my talent, I will systematically include your personal or company name on my biography, website, and on all the performance and competition programmes for the coming years. I will also happily perform at your personal or corporate events. Support a rising opera talent!" Contact: Marie Degodet. Address: 10 Knapmill Road, London SE6 3SZ. Tel.: 07986825797. E-mail:
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Here are some of the projects you could sponsor:

    Masterclasses with Cheryl Studer in Berlin: £500.00
    Masterclass with German theatre director Gerd Uecker in Berlin: £500.00
    A week's accommodation in Berlin and flights: £700.00
    Professional quality DVD recording for competitions, job applications etc: £1,100.00. including studio rental, sound engineer's fee, pianist's fee
    Ten singing lessons: £900.00
    Ten coaching sessions: £550.00
    Four weeks' intensive German language course in Germany, with accommodation: £1,000.00
    Free donation for living expenses. "Every little helps!"


The Global Music Foundation is a non-profit organisation, formed in December 2004. The foundation's aim is to share its musical knowledge, ideas and experience in an open, friendly and constructive artistic environment and to deliver high quality arts and culture events to the public. It does this through an ever-expanding series of concerts, workshops, seminars and events around Europe that provide the ideal opportunity to perform, share and learn together. These events provide an opportunity to present a sponsor's product or service to an audience that is receptive and positive. Global Music Foundation understands the commercial needs of a sponsor at whatever level of support is chosen. Benefits to sponsors include     extensive site branding exposed to a concert-going public of several thousand people     ad. spots and logo projections at concerts shown on a large venue screen     sampling and product placement    media exposure through event marketing, and active involvement in radio, television and new e-media broadcasts. VIP tickets for sponsors and their clients providing access to the corporate area. The name and logo of the sponsor would be included on all promotional material, including tickets, leaflets, posters, press releases etc. Branding can be displayed about the site on the day of the concert at various locations including entry to venues, stage, site, ticket checkpoints, etc.). Logos printed on street banners at entrances to towns. Further options can also be discussed. Venue capacities range from 300 to 10,000, depending on the programme. This Global Music Foundation can claim global impact, with yearly international events in six countries in Europe (and more in the pipeline). Other benefits include: being associated with a high quality, cross-community organisation providing educational opportunities and training for people of all ages from all over the World. Sponsors can also support assisted places on courses and make them available to people who otherwise could not afford to attend. GMF can design the sponsor package to suit the sponsor's requirements and budget. Take a look at the list of events they have coming up and the countries in which they will be presented. These events represent a marketing opportunity that is pan-European. "If your company has a policy of supporting music/arts learning initiatives, The Global Music Foundation provides the perfect opportunity to meet your objectives". Contact: Ian McLaren, Marketing Director. Address: 183A Stonegate Road, Leeds, England, United Kingdom LS6 4PU. Tel.: 07974 140035. E-mail:
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The Louvre Museum was established in 1793 by the French Republic - it is one of the earliest European museums. Divided into eight galleries, the Louvre's collections incorporate works dating from the birth of the great antique civilisations up to the first half of the nineteenth century. Contact: Sponsorship Department. Address: Musée de Louvre, F-75058 Paris, Cedex 01. Tel.: +33 1 40 20 50 50. Fax: +33 1 40 20 54 52. E-mail:
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The Musée D'Orsay is a national museum which opened in 1986 with a mission to show, in all their diversity, artistic creations of the western world from 1848 to 1914. Contact: Sponsorship Department. Address: Musée de Louvre, 62 rue de Lille, 75343 Paris cedex 07, France. Tel.: +33 1 40 49 48 34. Fax: +33 1 40 49 03 74
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