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The Global Health Care Fraud Prevention Summit brings international thought leaders together to discuss the global challenge of healthcare fraud, and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among those on the front lines of fighting fraud. It will be held in Old Windsor (London) between 25th and 26th October, 2012 in conjunction with the annual conferences of EHFCN and HICFG. Through presentations, topic discussions and the opportunity to network with investigators and law enforcement from around the world, the summit will lay the foundation for increased global cooperation to combat health care fraud. This event is aimed at public institutions, private insurance companies and all professionals who care for integrity in healthcare. The Global Summit is an initiative of the following partnering organisations: NHCAA (USA), CHCAA (Canada), HICFG (UK), EHFCN and HFMU (South Africa). This 2012 edition is jointly organised by EHFCN and HICFG. "There are a number of possibilities to sponsor (please see the download button below). We also welcome any donations, which will be duly acknowledged in all the summit materials too". Contact: Anne Pierson, Head of Office. Address: Av de Tervueren 211, 1150 Brussels, Belgium. Tel.: +322 7397982. E-mail:
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The Highlander Ibiza reunion has been running successfully for three years, and sees everyone reunite from Ibiza to party once again at The Arches in Glasgow. "I am approaching you with regard to your brand sponsoring the Highlander Ibiza reunion at The Arches on 20th October, 2012. This event has been a guaranteed sell-out for the past few years, with the 2011 reunion selling out in record time, with over 3,000 clubbers enjoying the night, and 1,000 road-blocked outside. The Highlander Ibiza is based at the top of the infamous West End in San Antonio, and is popular with all holidaymakers, not just the Scottish! :) The bar plays host to a variety of DJs, plus a few 'famous' faces regularly pop in to catch up with the owners - Jo and Seb! To give you an idea of stock sales (approximate weekly sales, summer season): 30 cases Smirnoff Ice; 30 cases Blue WKD; 20 cases Koppaberg; 60 cases Red Bull; 30 cases vodka (cheap brand); 15 cases Budweiser; 15 cases Coronita (Corona); 5 cases Magners; 10 cases bottles San Miguel; 10 cases Jaegermeister; 10 cases Sourz; 6 barrels Strongbow; 20 barrels San Miguel; 6 barrels Tennents; 4 cases Jack Daniels. The tickets are on sale now for 10 euros and are available throughout Ibiza and through Ticket Scotland. Your brand would benefit from your logo being included on all PR and marketing. We always do a massive marketing campaign for the reunion (see details below). This could be great brand awareness for you in Ibiza, as well". Contact: Jo Crumlin, Manager, Highlander Ibiza. Address: Calle Santa Ignes 14, San Antonio, Ibiza 07820. Tel.: 0034671540327. E-mail:
link to website

Marketing campaign details

     Posters all throughout Ibiza
     Billboards at airport in Ibiza
     Billboards at Prestwick airport
     20 billboard sites in Glasgow
     Flyers in Glasgow
     Pre-party in Glasgow
     Branding on Facebook
     Branding on tickets
     Branding in Highlander Ibiza (which has over 100,000 holiday makers throughout the season)

Exclusive cost: £5,000.00



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