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How to get listed on

The UK Sponsorship Database

To apply for a Platinum listing @ 30.00*, click
here (send no money now)

To apply for a Gold listing @ 15.00*, click here (send no money now)

* Please note that costs shown are one-off charges. 33% discount for registered charities.

"What's a Gold listing? What's a Platinum listing?" For Gold and Platinum package details, click here.



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Frequently asked questions
Who uses this site?
Decision-makers in sponsorship - client-side sponsorship execs., sponsorship consultancies, marketing executives and ad. agencies, amongst others (oh yes, and Euromillionaires!).

Why do they use it?
It's their prime source of information about what can be sponsored currently in the UK. Launched in May 2000, it offers regularly updated news about sponsorship. And it also includes a database of service providers.

How many visitors come to the site?
The UK Sponsorship Database typically receives between 15,000 and 20,000 unique visitors per month, generating between 300,000 and 350,000 page views per month.

What is a 'listing'?
Click here to see a typical page of listings.

How much does it cost to have a listing on the site?
Please see the information below.

Where will my listing appear?
We will use our common sense and put your details on the most appropriate page(s).

Have we got a page that's appropriate for your details? - click here to find out. If you wish to discuss our choices, please contact us after your listing appears - we'll be happy to hear your views.

How long will my listing stay on the site?

Until the "Expiry" date that you tell us to include in the listing has been reached; or until you ask us to remove it; or until it is clearly out of date (eg the timing of the event has passed).
How will I hear from sponsors?

Interested sponsors will make direct contact with you - we will not be involved in any transactions or act as 'middlemen'. We take no commission or fee other than the initial standard one-off charges shown below. The phone number or email address they will use will be the ones shown in your listing. They will not contact us.


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Two types of listing are offered by The UK Sponsorship Database to those wishing to display sponsorship opportunities. The table below includes a summary of the features of Gold and Platinum listings, to help you choose the type of listing that best suits your needs.

Gold and Platinum listings - details of the packages offered

- click the button above to see what you get

Use a Gold listing to provide a description of the sponsorship opportunity (up to 300 words + contact details), together with activated email and website links.

You may wish to incorporate a download button (click the link for an explanation) into your listing. This facility is available for Gold listings at an additional cost of 10.00. If you would like to include a download button in your Gold listing, please tell us in the 'Comments' section of the response form.

Price: 15.00

- one-off charge (no annual renewal - so your listing stays on for as long as you wish or until it becomes out of date)

- download button available at 10.00
- 33% discount for registered charities**

Apply now!  


- click the button above to see what you get

Use a Platinum listing to guarantee an early position in the category listing (above all Gold listings, in alphabetical order), with the option to feature your organisation's logo; up to 500 words of descriptive text are allowed; you may also wish to incorporate a download button (click the link for an explanation) at no extra charge, which will enable visitors to download fuller details about your organisation and/or the sponsorship opportunities you are listing'.

Click here for live example.
here for another example.

Price: 30.00

- one-off charge (no annual renewal - so your listing stays on for as long as you wish or until it becomes out of date)

- 33% discount for registered charities**

Apply now!  


Send no money now - we accept payment by cheque or credit card.

Once we receive the details you send us, we will prepare a draft version of your listing(s) for you to view online and then send you an invoice, which should be paid within 10 days, either by credit card (via PayPal) or by cheque. Note: when we write to you to tell you that your listing is now ready for your approval, we will include a link to our PayPal payment page in the email.

Features Gold listing Platinum
Cost 15.00** 30.00**
Optional inclusion of logo
Optional white background
Up to 300 word descriptive text
Up to 500 word descriptive text
Contact name/title
Full address details
Telephone number
Fax number
Email - linked address
Website - linked address
      Facebook - linked address
      Twitter - linked address
Download button extra     Download more info.!

+ 10.00**
Inclusive of optional
download button
Premium position above
Gold listings - alphabetical order

** 33% discount offered to registered UK charities (the discount is offered to the charities themselves only, not for activities undertaken on behalf of charities).

Please note that Ltd. reserves the right to choose the most appropriate category(ies) in which to place listings. We may place a listing in more than one category at our discretion, at no extra charge to you. We may decline to list the opportunity. We may change the layout, order, format and sequence of listings at our discretion. We may require payment in advance for a listing which features an event which is due to take place two months or less from the time of the application. We may re-write submitted text to conform to our 'house style', eg no use of the expression 'unique opportunity', text must be written in the third person, etc.

Please see our Terms & Conditions

To apply for a Platinum listing @ 30.00*, click
here (send no money now)

To apply for a Gold listing @ 15.00*, click here (send no money now)

* Please note that costs shown are one-off charges.



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