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GolfCross: it's a completely new ball game ... a completely new, funky and totally unique mania; the first World Championship of its type; many thousands of people registering and wanting to get involved; worldwide television, newspaper and industry magazine coverage; an incredible product and internal marketing opportunity to rival them all - GolfCross boasts a position as THE sponsorship opportunity for 2007. GolfCross has already drawn comments from some of the industry's leading golf websites and golf media publications, including GolfWorld.com, stating: "GolfCross perhaps will become the fastest growing golf game on the planet"; "The golfer can control the direction of the ball and make miracle shots around trees just like Tiger"; "I like this game, it has so much potential". Sky Sports recently described GolfCross as "Absolutely fantastic, a great way to get people into golf". GolfCross is golf but with goals instead of holes and is played with an oval ball not a round one! It mostly utilises the same rules and equipment as golf and is played either on existing golf courses, with goals placed near the putting green or on custom made stand alone courses - no need for lavish putting greens, or the expense that comes with them! GolfCross takes all the values from the traditional game but injects a new set of challenges - above all the game is superb fun, promises the company. Using an oval ball that cannot be hooked or sliced but is actually more controllable than a round one - yes, really - which is played off a tee cup on virtually every shot, makes the start up for a beginner that much more enjoyable. The ball is played or chipped into an elevated, netted goal that under certain rules can be turned against your opponent, blocking them out and forcing them to lose shots. This all makes GolfCross much more intriguing and challenging than the traditional game. Various courses have been opened and many more are being discussed and planned throughout the UK and Ireland. The most exciting and beneficial attraction happening with GolfCross at the moment is the up and coming World Championship planned for September 2007. GolfCross Ltd. have secured national television and national daily newspaper coverage, worldwide media and golf magazine coverage and, with a Celebrity Pro-Am and superb prize money being discussed, this is clearly going to be one of the highlight events of 2007. GolfCross Ltd. are currently talking with hundreds of golf courses around the UK and Ireland to set up qualifying GolfCross courses through the regions, to ensure there is a place to play for all of the many thousands of people who have registered to play in this World Championship. This will be a rare opportunity for the right companies to be the first to sponsor a brand new annual event and a range of sponsorship opportunities are available for this exciting new game that everyone is talking about from all walks of life. Contact: Paul Martin, Managing Director. Address: GolfCross Ltd., Principle House, 121-123 Fleet Road, Fleet, Hants. GU51 3PD. Tel.: 08704 171 171. Mobile: 07973 315000. E-mail:
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The American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) offers a sponsorship program which puts sponsors front and center, delivering a partnership which provides prestige (blue-chip corporations Titleist, Polo Golf and Rolex are existing sponsors), turn-key events (over seventy AJGA events annually) and targeted audiences (the AJGA membership, loyal parents, affluent business leaders and community golf enthusiasts). Contact: Executive VP of Corporate Partnerships. Address: American Junior Golf Association, 1980 Sports Club Drive, Braselton GA 30517. Tel.: 877-373-2542, ext. 746. Fax: 770-868-4211. E-mail: jetzen@ajga.org.
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