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The Association of Virtual Worlds in a joint venture with Web3D Host Co. is hosting an International Open House Celebration of Virtual Worlds. Scheduled for Fall 2010, the trade show will run for five days live and is designed as a year round event. This first event is the largest totally virtual event ever produced for the Virtual Reality industry. An estimated 50,000 registered attendees from around the world are expected. Virtual Worlds of all kinds will be able to share their art, culture, educational, entertainment and business platforms as well as many other advantages this technology holds for the general public. Sponsors will have great visibility and many opportunities to stand out and strengthen their brand. The Virtual Experience Platform by 6Connex provides an engaging immersive and socially interactive experience for attendees and exhibitors, without the costs associated with physical trade shows. "If your company is looking for an event to position itself as a leader in the new emerging technologies, this historic event will make it happen". Contact: Charles Gatlin, President. Address: 5 Gregg Street, Woburn, MA 01801, USA. Tel.: 6178493428. E-mail:
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Dery Entertainment is an agency specialising in models and dancers and provides talent for events and shows. They are currently seeking sponsorship for an exciting new TV show concept. Last Model Standing will take twenty perfectly normal girls and put them under the 'supermodel spotlight' - subjecting them to pressures similar to those experienced by real supermodels and testing them to the limit, to see how far they will go in their efforts to stay in the spotlight. Each week a losing contestant will be sent home by the judges. The last show will see the final two contestants pitted against each other, competing for the title 'Last Model Standing' and the superb prizes and career opportunities that come with that title. It is intended that the show would be shot at various locations globally, including Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA. More information about sponsorship opportunities associated with this project is available on request. Contact: Brenda Mengot. E-mail:
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Time Warner Cable Media Sales is the ad. sales division of Time Warner Cable, providing marketers and agencies with a range of affordable and innovative advertising solutions. National advertisers can run commercials on more than thirty analog, digital and on demand cable networks. Local and regional clients can leverage hometown news and sports programming, as well as a wealth of nationally-distributed cable networks. Types of promotion currently include sponsorship, consumer sweepstakes, gift-with-purchase, redemption, special events, cross-promotion and cause related. Contact: via website.
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