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Alex Alley is a British professional sailor and one of only two confirmed British entries in the next Global Ocean Race in 2011/12 ( As the name suggests, it is a round the world yacht race for very fast, radical 40' yachts, raced with only two crew for eight months and 30,000 miles. The race is run over five legs, stopping in Cape Town, Wellington, Ilhabella and Charleston, before returning to the finish in Europe. The campaign is funded with a mix of corporate and individual sponsorship, ranging from title sponsor at £150,000-£200,000 right down to individuals at £25 each. At the end of the race, the boat will be sold and all the proceeds, expected to be around £150,000-£200,000, will be donated to charity - a great PR story for anybody. This is an opportunity for a sponsor to have a global presence for very little investment and raise their profile both internally and externally. Delivering not only global involvement with a high end event for the three years of the campaign, it offers amazing client entertaining opportunities on the race yacht, as well as a charity donation equal to the original investment, with sponsors effectively getting the three years sponsorship for nothing. This campaign gives the client a chance to be involved, right from the grass roots level, with every aspect of the campaign and something tangible to follow during the eight month race in 2011/12. "Have a look at to see how it all works on the boat". Contact: Alex Alley. Address: 24A Lynn Road, London SW12 9LA. Tel.: 0770 282 3837. E-mail:
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September 2011

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