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Leanne Ireland has just returned from South Africa where she rode in the South Africa v New Zealand exchange meeting, where she placed fourth in the 1 Star FEI ride. She is the current North Island and National Champion in the FEIJY 1 Star division (100kms) and last year in her first season had a 1st and a 2nd at the same distance. "If you would like to sponsor Leanne and her horses, your logo or name would appear on our horse truck for the coming season". Contact: Mrs Sylvia Ireland. Address: 1525 Statehighway 3, RD 3, Marton 4789, New Zealand. Tel.: 062124242. E-mail:


Pat Deavoll has been one of New Zealand's elite alpinists for several decades and is widely considered the leading female exploratory mountaineer in the world. This renowned climber has already conquered several 'unclimbed' mountains, in countries such as Pakistan, India, Tibet, China, Nepal, Alaska, Canada and New Zealand. She aims to be a role model to all women, showing that females can succeed in a male-dominated sport if they want to. Her aim is to show that age is no barrier to reaching your goals if you remain healthy and motivated. Pat is currently writing a book on her travels and climbing exploits. She already has a publisher for the book. As a chronic sufferer of depression, she also believes her achievements will prove to other sufferers that mental illness doesn't have to stop people from striving for their goals. Pat is a journalist by trade and writes prolifically for magazines on her climbing exploits, both within New Zealand and overseas. She is an accomplished public speaker and widely promotes her sponsors on her busy speaking circuit. She is also an accomplished photographer and supplies her sponsors with high quality images. She is seeking sponsorship to offset the cost of her travel and expedition support. Contact: Ms Pat Deavoll. Address: 2 Glamis Place, Cashmere, Christchurch 8022, New Zealand. Tel.: 0064 3 337 0913. E-mail:
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