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The Liverpool Carnival Company is extremely busy at the moment organising the biggest Brazilian samba carnival in the UK - Brazilica. Brazilica is an exciting, annual, three day event comprising a Rio-style, glittering night time city centre parade, plus lots of free daytime activity including music, dance, film, sport and entertainment. The event takes place in Liverpool city centre in July each year. Last year the parade itself attracted an audience of over 30,000 people lining the streets alone. With a festival site now established in a prime city centre location, the figures can only increase. "Brazilica is a fantastic platform to promote your business and a great opportunity for your organisation to have a brand association with a unique event which can't fail to attract a mass market. The festival is designed to appeal to families, young people, fans of art, music and sport, and people interested in travel and discovering new cultures. The festival is also directly targeting the Latin communities across the UK, with support from the Embassy of Brazil who called to say that they think Brazilica is fantastic. There are opportunities for brand awareness across all our promotional materials, including the Brazilica souvenir brochure (30,000 copies) and Big Screen advertising on the Williamson Square city centre event site (August 2010 footfall figures: 6,000,000). Brazil is a country with an economy on the ascent; it hosted the World Cup in 2014 and will be the venue for the Olympics in 2016. As the eyes of the world turn to these events, the opportunities for the future of Brazilica are bright. If you or your organisation would like to get involved, there are many opportunities which you can benefit from by working with us. To discuss this further or to request a sponsorship/advertising pack - or for updated information about the event - please contact our friendly team on the details below , or visit our website (see link below). Contact: Jessica Badger. Address: Orb Events, 15 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BH. Tel.: 0151 707 0965. E-mail:
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Positioned midway between serialised TV shows and novels, Lambbooks produces and publishes Christian family entertainment: bite-sized, illustrated, serialised profiles of significant persons and events of the Christian calendar: Claudia Procula - the wife of Pontius Pilate, Pontius Pilate, Longinus, Judas Iscariot, etc. Publication is in colour and black and white, formatted to stream on all digital devices - mobile phones, tablets and computers - and also in paperback. "We currently have 130 titles. Publications are designed to appeal to some 2 billion believers worldwide, with publications in eight languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese and Japanese. But because names like Claudia Procula, Pontius Pilate and Longinus, etc., have become mainstream, it also aims to attract the remainder of the curious or critical public, with a focus here on entertainment. They are streamed onto a global delivery platform via our own website and also via Amazon channels to the US, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico and India. We aim to release two new titles/month/language.     Our reach - the nature of our content encourages lively debate and we have acquired a vigorous, interactive, debating audience on Twitter, with one of the highest records of favourited exchanges on the network, and also an interactive audience on Facebook, with daily impressions ranging between 20,000 and 103,000 impressions at minimum bid. With Twitter, Ads, at minimum bid, we achieve on average 50,000 impressions/day/cover, across English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Daily website traffic is now over 10,000 impressions/month and growing fast. With the right amount of resources, we can increase this traffic per title per day a hundred fold. Because our content is sourced from approved revelations carrying the imprimatur of the likes of Pope Pius XII, and actively promoted by the much-loved Saint Padre Pio and Mother Theresa, our audience trusts us. By partnering with Lambbooks, our sponsor(s) stand to benefit from this trust". Contact: Martha. Address: 2 Dalkeith Court, 45 Vincent Street SW1P 4HH. Tel.: +44-751-2916-706. E-mail:
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We offer the opportunity to incorporate the sponsor's logo

1. In a 10cm x 8.5cm revolving Announcement Screen on our Homepage
2. In a centre stage slide on our main home page slider: 21 cm x 10cm
3. Via a website banner, with choice of positioning on the header or side blogs
4. Included on all cover advertising, in any or all eight languages, in any or all market places.


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Carmen Salvador is a female Chilean songwriter who mixes latin rhythms with pop, resulting in a modern and unique sound. Her work evokes folkloric music by using typical Chilean instruments - and yet it sounds global and pop. She interprets vocals, piano and guitar, accompanied by three musicians in drums, bass, guitar and some ethnic instruments. This original and universal style has earned Carmen Salvador a spot in some of New Zealand's biggest festivals and iconic live music venues. Carmen will be happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities in connection with her tour programme. Contact: Carmen Salvador, Songwriter. E-mail: carmanikka@gmail.com
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The annual Discovering Latin America Film Festival ("DLA Film Festival") is London's largest Latin American film festival. With a professional format, it comprises feature films, documentaries, shorts and film and culture events. It is both well established and critically reviewed, representing the very best of new film from across Latin America. The festival presents a wide variety of feature, experimental and short films, as well as documentaries, retrospectives, master-classes, discussions with well-known industry professionals, a much needed film network, and many other events. The impressive programme not only contributes to the cultural diversity of London but also helps the most underprivileged people in Latin America. This is what clearly distinguishes the festival from others in London. The organisers are committed to helping alleviate poverty in Latin America. By supporting the event, sponsors will be supporting a deserving cause. Contact: Libia Villazana, Film Festival Director (contact via website). Address: D-527 New Providence Wharf, 1 Fairmont Avenue, London E14 9PD, United Kingdom.
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