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Bobb-Semple Legal Education Limited (BSLE) was founded in September 2009, registered no. 7033097. BSLE aims to provide legal educational consultancy services by way of legal training seminars, conferences and other means of communication for police prosecutors and other prosecuting agencies, practitioners and participants in the administration of justice in various jurisdictions. Since July 2010, BSLE has been engaged by the Government of Guyana in a major undertaking, revising the laws of Guyana covering a period of thirty-four years from 1977 to 2010. The objective is to ensure that the updated laws are easily accessible to all, to the benefit of the Guyanese people and the international community and in advancement of the rule of law. Illustrations of BSLE's work on the Law Revision Project have been posted on the website of the Ministry of Legal Affairs of Guyana (see
http://www.legalaffairs.gov.gy - Information - Laws of Guyana). BSLE invites sponsors to support the company in its important work in advancement of legal education in the UK, Caribbean (CARICOM) jurisdictions and elsewhere. Acknowledgement of sponsors' support will be displayed in BSLE's promotional materials, seminar brochures, manuals and other materials and on its website. It is also anticipated that there will be substantial international media coverage of BSLE's events, including the following proposed seminar topics    Law Revision in a CARICOM state     Conducting Privy Council Appeals     Employment Law     Intellectual Property Law     International Arbitration     Legal Practice Management     Money Laundering Measures     Oil, Gas and Energy Law     Prosecuting in a CARICOM magistrate's court. Contact: Colin Bobb-Semple, LL.B (Hons), LL.M, MA. Tel.: 07531 789533. E-mail: colinbs@hotmail.com
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