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This London based classical CD label issues newly recorded CDs by some of the world's great artists. These include Pinchas Zukerman, Peter Jablonski, Inger Dam-Jensen, Andrew Kennedy and Simon Russell Beale. Altara Music also issues a critically acclaimed series of archive recordings by such past masters as Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli and Artur Rubinstein. They are happy to offer sponsorship opportunities for companies and individuals to be associated with artists of this calibre. "Our CDs are distributed worldwide, including the UK, USA, Japan, France, Germany and many other countries. I would be pleased to discuss sponsorship of either a new recording or an archive release and explain how any sponsorship would be acknowledged both on the CD itself and on our website". Contact: Harry Mills, Company Director. Address: Altara Music Limited, 103 Chingford Avenue, London E4 6RG. Tel.: 0208 524 8566. Fax: 0208 524 8566. E-mail: harry@altaramusic.com
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Gráinne Gillis has a rare voice type and she is looking for sponsorship to further her studies, prior to a European audition tour. "I have a rare voice type, that of the dramatic mezzo-soprano with a sizeable extension into my chest voice (comfortably to a C below middle C), and my repertoire is comfortably that of the bigger operatic roles: Wagner, Verdi and twentieth century repertoire. I have been training with Neil Baker (Trinity College of Music, and teacher to artists like Amanda Echalaz, Miriam Murphy, Wendy Dawn Thompson) and Kelvin Lim (Trinity College of Music and official pianist for the Wagner Society of Great Britain). I am at a juncture where I need time to prepare for the next step in my career - auditioning and working in Germany. I need to take six months to focus on learning key repertoire which will culminate in auditioning for agents and houses in Germany. Having the potential to sing Verdi and Wagner is at the very pinnacle of opera singing, and requires time, dedication and money. I have the first two, but now need the latter. Sponsoring me would appeal to individuals or organisations that are passionate about the music of Wagner and/or Verdi, and who are keen to support what the The Observer called a voice with 'rich, dramatic potential'. If you invest in my talent, I will automatically include your name on my biography, website and all competition and performance programmes for the coming years. I will meet with you personally to apprise you of my development and I will be happy to perform at your personal and corporate events. Please contact me via my website:
www.grainnegillis.com or at grainnegillis@gmail.com. Overall I have estimated I need an investment of £10,000.00, which would cover living expenses, lessons, coaching and a trip to Germany. Here are individually some of the expenses you could sponsor    a week's accommodation in Germany and flights: £700.00     professional quality DVD recordings for competitions, job applications, etc: £1,100.00 to cover studio rental, sound engineer's fee, pianist     professional quality opera headshots: £350.00    £600.00 for singing lessons twice a month    £600.00 for coaching sessions twice a month    £6,650.00 for living expenses over a period of six months". 'The only thing better than singing is more singing' - Ella Fitzgerald. Contact: Gráinne Gillis. Address: Garden Flat, 53A Dartmouth Road, SE23 3HN. Tel.: 07787162694. E-mail: grainnegillis@gmail.com
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Opera Seria is a new opera company established in Manchester to bring emerging operatic professionals together with local people to enhance Manchester's cultural community. "We are dedicated to giving our soloists the ability to sing roles they might otherwise not sing early in their careers, enabling them to strengthen their experience and their CVs as they emerge into the larger professional world. We also want people from all walks of life to participate in the art form that is opera, by giving them opportunities to get involved in the company through our Community Chorus and our Acting Opera programme. We want to reach out to the disenfranchised community members, as we believe music is a great way to empower disadvantaged and socially isolated people, giving them something to tap their creative energies and feel proud about. We are seeking financial support to fund our outreach programmes as well as our main productions. Upcoming productions include a Gala Concert, Anna Bolena, Don Giovanni and I Capuleti e i Montecchi. We have a range of sponsorship packages that includes brand and logo identity on marketing and promotional materials, tickets, corporate hospitality, advertising in programmes, etc. Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together to bring opera to the wider Manchester community". Contact: Rochelle Hart, Artistic Director. Tel.: 0785 220 1029.
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Sounds2Buy.com is a new, professional platform helping musicians to sell their music and to be heard by thousands of people. Depending on the sponsor's level of support, Sounds2Buy.com can offer banner advertising on its main page (on the left hand side of the main page plus the bottom of all subsequent pages). The sponsor's banner will be linked to their own page, and they will receive space in the SoundsBuy.com newsletter and other benefits depending on their level of sponsorship. "We hope you will consider our offer. If you have any other deals in mind in which you think we might be interested, please contact us". Contact: Benoit Rivaux, Director. Address (reg. office): Hawthorn House, Medlicott Close, Oakley Hay, Northamptonshire NN18 9NF. Tel.: 0035621566963 (currently Malta). E-mail: ben@sounds2buy.com
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"I am a young, dramatic soprano at the exciting yet challenging juncture between the end of my studies and the beginning of my career. In order to get work I must go and audition in Europe this coming autumn, but the cost of travelling to other countries is currently well beyond my means. I am therefore seeking sponsorship. If you choose to trust and invest in my talent, I will systematically include your personal or company name on my biography, website, and on all the performance and competition programmes for the coming years. I will also happily perform at your personal or corporate events. Support a rising opera talent!" Contact: Marie Degodet. Address: 10 Knapmill Road, London SE6 3SZ. Tel.: 07986825797. E-mail: mariedegodet@yahoo.fr
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Here are some of the projects you could sponsor:

    Masterclasses with Cheryl Studer in Berlin: £500.00
    Masterclass with German theatre director Gerd Uecker in Berlin: £500.00
    A week's accommodation in Berlin and flights: £700.00
    Professional quality DVD recording for competitions, job applications etc: £1,100.00. including studio rental, sound engineer's fee, pianist's fee
    Ten singing lessons: £900.00
    Ten coaching sessions: £550.00
    Four weeks' intensive German language course in Germany, with accommodation: £1,000.00
    Free donation for living expenses. "Every little helps!"


Neil Patrick is a self-contained vocal entertainer, with wide experience of performing on cruise ships, in European and domestic hotels, at UK holiday parks, masonic, private or charity functions, public houses and social clubs. "I am looking for an information board/electronic scroll-type sponsor for my act. My typical audience demographic would be in the age range 25 to 75 and there would be between thirty and 150 people at a typical event. I am currently looking to up my workload. I am seeking a suitable company to sponsor an upgrade of my audio equipment to the tune of around £3,000. This figure is of course negotiable. Please feel free to check my profile on www.scottjordan.co.uk - one of my agents (see website link below) - for a clearer idea of what I do. I look forward to hearing from you". Contact: Neil Patrick. Address: 2 Invermay Court, Highland Avenue, Brentwood, Essex CM15 9DF. Tel.: 07863 111053. E-mail: neiljpatrick@btinternet.com
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