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3D Cakes' new TV series, airing on the Discovery Network (US) TLC, is currently seeking a brand sponsor. This reality 'build' show is based on a fun, high-energy group of cake designers in Edinburgh, Scotland, with unique world-class skills, creating spectacular cakes for high-profile clients and media events. "The show is unique, with a cake-build angle like no other. We'll be happy to supply our pitch package, sizzle reel and TLC's letter of commitment for more details on the series concept. Cakes are a pillar to the Discovery network; TLC is notably the channel on which the highly successful Cake Boss show was launched, and currently airs. Please see the document available via the download button below or contact us for more detailed information, about this exciting opportunity". Contact: David Duncan. Address: 3D Cakes, 20 Roseburn Terrace, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH12 6AW. Tel.: 0131 337 9990 or 0560 205 1641. E-mail:
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What benefits can we offer you as 3D Cakes TV series' brand sponsor?

    Unique opportunity to guarantee a prime position on TLC and maximum visibility to your target audience of cake bakers.
    The show will air to TLC's 96 million households.
    Build your brand fame.
    Influence purchase decisions via product placement (filming continues from 6th May, 2015).
    Stand out in the market through association with an exciting, dynamic cake build TV series.
    Professional production of sponsorship advert, which will air a total of 8 times per each 30-minute episode (10-15 second advert shown at the beginning and end of each commercial break, and at the beginning and conclusion of each episode). Further commercial time is also available, if required.
    Sponsorship of the series offers a cost of $937.50 for a 30 second ad., whereas directly from Discovery (TLC) the cost would be around $2,200.00 - $2,600.00 per 30" spot.

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1st November, 2015
Universal Film Magazine is a free film and festival magazine going out to over 1.6 million worldwide as a free publication. The magazine is free to all and is filled with exciting and gritty content from all over the world. It covers topics from established industry professionals about film news and reviews, film finance, film festivals, industry news, reviews, swashbuckling for the silver screen, cinematography, director training, film schools, projects in development and filmmaking issues. The magazine has a clear competitive advantage over many other publications of its kind. It is totally free to all. "We are seeking sponsors for the magazine and in return offer free advertising and/or an editorial". Contact: Dom Murphy. Address: 223 Regents Street, W1B 2QD. Tel.: 0207 193 8870. E-mail:
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The Onyinx Media Consulting & Production is an upcoming media consulting and production firm. "At the moment we are focused on consulting, but are looking to expand our operations to include an online interactive streaming medium including live performances, meetings, e-books and independently produced shows. Our streaming medium also features hardware offering additional benefits for easy use by corporations and habitual users. Sponsors will be featured on the site; receive targeted advertising during events or shows; and be promoted on social media. Please contact us if you'd like additional information about our exciting new venture". Contact: Masean Perdue, CEO. Address: PO Box 3159, Madison, Wisconsin 53704, USA. Tel.: 6086180669. E-mail:
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Time Warner Cable Media Sales is the ad. sales division of Time Warner Cable, providing marketers and agencies with a range of affordable and innovative advertising solutions. National advertisers can run commercials on more than thirty analog, digital and on demand cable networks. Local and regional clients can leverage hometown news and sports programming, as well as a wealth of nationally-distributed cable networks. Types of promotion currently include sponsorship, consumer sweepstakes, gift-with-purchase, redemption, special events, cross-promotion and cause related. Contact: via website.
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