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Sponsors who rally round The Italian Job's Minis will soon be on the road to major media success

The Italian Job has a highly successful track record over twenty-one years of delivering widespread publicity and media coverage throughout the UK and Europe.

It is featured in regional, national and international newspapers, on television and radio and also has a dynamic online presence.

The Italian Job brand is fun, quirky and has a broad demographic appeal. It attracts motoring, travel and more general media interest.

"Our links with national children's charities help boost our profile and those of our sponsors. We offer a full range of cost-effective marketing and promotional opportunities to suit almost any budget. We are flexible and happy to tailor corporate packages to your needs. We welcome participation at whatever the level of your proposed involvement.

"What do we offer?

     Branding - a cost effective and eye-catching way of showcasing your brand with a dynamic fun event which enjoys a year-round profile

    Promotions - link your local, regional or national promotion to The Italian Job to communicate your message to a wider target audience

    Networking - we are the perfect vehicle to make new contacts, interact and exchange ideas.

"Talk to us and we will be delighted to help you meet your objectives and show you how The Italian Job can be good company for your company".

Contact: Giulia P St George, Senior Partner

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