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Team Extreme boasts a position as the world's largest display team of skateboarders, BMX riders and in-line skaters and has been performing displays and shows for over eighteen years. Their audience is generally a family audience, including children of all ages. Audience figures are of the order of 1.5 million live plus many millions through the printed and broadcast media. Team Extreme Ltd. members have had a number of TV appearances, including MTV, Granada and the BBC, Extreme Channel - which Team Extreme launched - and others such as Disney, Fox, etc. They have also appeared in a number of high profile TV shows, ranging from Blue Peter to a serious drama, acting as doubles for actors. The Team Extreme Ltd. web site,, has the past year's shows listed, as well as a great deal about the activities of the team. Team Extreme Ltd. members also appear in various sports based magazines, including RIDE BMX, DIG, Sidewalk Surfer, Document Skateboard and a number of in-line skate magazines, as well as more general magazines. Team Extreme Ltd. has a full range of equipment from mobile skateparks to half-pipes, including sound systems, generators and vehicles. Involvement opportunities include 1. Direct product use in the public eye. 2. The obvious sponsorship arrangements of logos and product names being seen on ramps, equipment, vehicles. 3. Banners with logos draped from the ramps and surrounding crowd barriers. 4. Providing displays and shows at existing (or new) events specifically for the sponsor. 5. Logo on T shirts (UK only). 6. Logo also on the email newsletter. 7. Link the Team Extreme web site both ways to sponsor's web site, so the audience can see the full extent of the sponsorship. 8.Product mention by commentator during shows. 9. Team Extreme Ltd. offers a consultancy service within the package to provide credible information on the various sports and activities for the sponsor to be able to use in their product promotion. Team Extreme Ltd. is covered for all forms of insurance and risk assessments and the top performers (and coaches) also has first aid certification and CRB clearance. The company is a member of the British Safety Council. For all sponsorship opportunities, contact Peter J W Noble, Chairman and Director. For all requests in the UK for shows, displays or coaching, contact the office direct (01305 757111). Contact: Peter J W Noble, Chairman. Address: PO Box 5722, Dorchester DT1 3YB. Tel.: 01305 757111. E-mail:
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