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Tim 'Ace Man' Davies is the current World Crazy Golf Champion, the only one there has ever been. Three championships, three wins. The most successful British Crazy Golfer ever, with eighteen British Mini Golf Association tour wins, the biggest money winner and current holder of eight British course record scores. Tim has appeared on Channel 4 Big Breakfast, Channel 4 'Grudge Match', Sky Sports, BBC South East and Meridian. He has spoken on Radio 5, BBC West Midlands Radio and Southern FM. He has been pictured for all the leading British golf magazines. In addition he is featured in the following books: Tilting at Windmills, Andy Miller, Penguin Viking and In Search of the Tiger, Ian Stafford, Ebury Press. A full history can be seen on this website: Tim is webmaster of the most popular website on the internet for information on crazy golf and miniature golf which receives over 2,000 hits per day: He is now seeking help to play more regularly on the increasingly popular British circuit and further afield. Sports biographies are big business and he is currently writing a book, with his arch-rival Big Top Ted McIver, on how to win at crazy golf. Tim is offering the opportunity for any potential sponsor to be associated with the best player in a growing sport in the massive leisure industry. He would be excited by the prospect of launching a range of crazy golf putters and clothing targeted at children. He is prepared to travel around the country promoting the sport of crazy golf and the interests of a potential sponsor. Contact: Tim Davies. E-mail:
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