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Sheffield Debating is a fun, free forum, which is open to all for students to express their ideas and opinions. The working committee enjoys getting involved with their city and using their skills to benefit others in the wider community. They also attend many inter-varsity debating competitions across the country. By sponsoring Sheffield Debating, the sponsor will be putting their brand name in front of the young professionals of tomorrow, a market of clients who will seek the best in job opportunities and consumables. Further to this future benefit, the sponsor's name will be advertised across campus and become associated with the Society and the community work which it carries out. Debating provides the groundwork for an active engagement in society, inspiring confidence and encouraging attention to detail and the ability to formulate logical and coherent arguments under pressure. Contact: Angharad Evans. Address: 65 Roebuck Road, Crookesmoore, Sheffield S6 3GQ.


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