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Black Kestrel is a project to develop and build an electric powered aircraft. The project has three phases. The first phase is to develop a new type of non-fuel burning electrical generator that will provide the main power for the aircraft's electric motors. The next phase will be to convert a conventional small to medium sized propped aircraft, such as a Piper PA32 Lance, by removing its existing piston engine and replacing it with a single, brushless, high speed electric motor and reduction transmission. The third phase is to design and build a new airframe. This aircraft will be built for high speed and high altitude cruise and will be powered by several high speed electric fans. It will also, once built and tested, fly on a world tour. Black Kestrel is looking for several large or small sponsors for this project. Sponsors will have their brand and logo displayed on the side of the aircraft's fuselage, as well as on the Black Kestrel website's home page, Sponsors page and Twitter page. The Black Kestrel website has a large audience and following around the world - any sponsor who has their brand and logo on the Black Kestrel website or aircraft's fuselage would have a truly global audience. For more information please visite the Black Kestrel website (see link below). Contact: Jake Quinton. Tel.: 07739 181203. E-mail:
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Following the successful use of paramotors on a major scientific expedition by the Scientific Exploration Society in the Bolivian Amazonas during 2007, it is proposed to develop the concept of using paramotors and all terrain vehicles, working together on a series of scientific projects. A small team of experts have come together to plan the ventures and they consist of the following individuals: John Blashford Snell, Scientific Exploration Society; Alex Ledger, SkySchool Flight Centre; Alan Morton, Proactive TV. The first expedition is to Botswana and the aim is to research areas of scientific interest as well as support the local community. Proactive TV have agreed to film the expeditions with the aim of placing them on either Channel 4 or the Discovery Channel. The charity Just a Drop has also agreed to support the expedition. These expeditions are clearly advantageous for either a single main sponsor or a variety of different sponsors. "We therefore propose that interested parties should contact us to discuss the options available". Contact: Alex Ledger. Address: Rams Hill Farm, Manston, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 1HD. Tel.: 07747 097527. E-mail: alex@skyschooluk.com
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