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There is an opportunity to get involved in sponsorship, at a choice of levels, for an exciting annual event. This is the National Knockdown Tournament, a high quality, smooth-running and exciting event, this year being staged on Saturday, 13th October. The event is always a sell-out and is a full day quality leisure time experience for the audience. The event is attended by BKK (British Karate Kyokushinkai) members, of which there are several thousand, and IFK (International Federation of Karate) members, as well as the general public. There are karate students in every town and city and this is a pinnacle event for the sport. Competitors enter from all over the world, including the UK, Switzerland, Belarus, Russia and the USA. Top quality DVDs, from extensive multi-cam coverage throughout the tournament, are made and sold after each event. These show the fights (men and women), the powerful opening ceremony, sword demonstrations, wood-breaking, etc. A full-colour commemorative and informative programme is produced annually, too, and given to, and kept for further use by, each attendee. Historically this event has been under-sponsored, in the sense that companies have not been invited to have such involvement. From this year onwards, it has been decided to open the event up to sponsorship/branding and invite companies to take advantage of the advertising opportunities at this spectacular event, within the building, around the arena, or in the form of give-aways or advertisements (full pages etc) in the quality commemorative programme. The audience encompasses all ages (including children) but predominantly comprises young adult men interested in fitness. Sponsorship interest from companies is truly welcomed, in this first opportunity to be associated with such a popular worldwide sport. The BKK would be delighted to work with sponsors on this, to be able to communicate their message effectively to this audience. Contact: Linda Keaveney. Address: 58 Highfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 2NQ. Tel.: 01245 256891. Fax: 01245 496142. E-mail: .
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