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Advice agencies and the Citizens Advice Bureau network work very hard to try to ensure that vulnerable people do have a way of accessing justice through a mixture of "Legal Aid" (publicly-funded work), funding from local authorities, charitable donations, and by using pro bono volunteers. Receiving the legal advice they need makes a huge difference to these people's lives, reducing debt, poverty and homelessness, and combatting discrimination and injustice. You can see some examples of how individuals, families and communities have been helped here. "The London Legal Support Trust works to support law centres and legal advice agencies in London and the South East by providing them with grant funding alongside other forms of support. We do this by holding large fundraising events, most notably the London Legal walk, and then delivering the funds raised to the agencies where they are most needed through grant rounds. We offer our knowledge and experience of the sector to help the agencies to become more sustainable and help to partner them with law firms and chambers who want to help them ensure that the law is fair. We are part of a network of seven Legal Support Trusts across England and in Wales working with the Access to Justice Foundation to support pro bono and advice agencies, ensuring funds can be distributed where needed most throughout England and Wales. Contact: Bob Nightingale MBE, Chief Executive. Address: London Legal Support Trust, The National Pro Bono Centre, 48 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1JF. Tel.: 0207 092 3972. E-mail:
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Raptor Trust is looking for sponsorship either for one of two projects and/or its work in rehabilitating wild birds of prey in Norfolk. "The first project is a new and very different mobile education stand. Instead of being a gazebo filled with captive birds for people to look at, we want to provide a stand where people can be educated and get involved with activities they can learn from. We wanted to reconnect people with nature and their local wild bird populations. We want to teach people about the birds, habitats, prey, health, populations and status and the difficulties they face and how to help. This stand will be used across Norfolk, and elsewhere occasionally too, and will be seen at events such as the Royal Norfolk Show, as well as at school talks and workshops and so on. Sponsors' details will be printed in plenty of places on the stand as well as on our Facebook and web pages, and in press releases. The second project is for a training and networking symposium where we hope to educate professionals across various vocations from the police, wardens, vets, etc., as well as the public and schools, all attending different sessions on different days. This will include infection control issues, crime, disturbance, First Aid, and so on. We should be able to educate up to 2,000 people for only 5.00 each. This will help deal with rehabilitation, conservation, crime and welfare issues and there is not another event or opportunity currently like this in the UK. Our rehabilitation work has increased dramatically as we are now taking on over 400 wild birds of prey just in Norfolk. With the rising costs of food, mileage and insurance this will cost us around 45.00 per bird on average! We are all volunteers working from home and provide all of the nursing ourselves, to keep costs low and provide the most appropriate relaxed environment to aid in these birds' recoveries. Please get in touch to discuss sponsorship opportunities". Contact: Claire Halls. Address: 31 Holworthy Road, Norwich NR5 9DG. Tel.: 07599134655. E-mail:
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June 2017
Rubicon Cares offers free specialist trauma counselling to both adults and children (aged 10+) who have been affected by any crime (reported or unreported). "We are organic to Kent and Medway. We offer a telephone helpline for individuals and professionals and use rooms across Kent to ensure our service is accessible to all. We also offer counselling in many different languages. Historically victims have been ignored: with services and funding being centred more on the perpetrators, many have been left to cope alone, particularly after the court proceedings have ended. This is especially harmful as trauma symptoms often take months or even years to manifest - by which time any support they were receiving has long since ended. We are passionate about supporting those affected by crime, but this can be difficult in the current funding climate and we often work hand-to-mouth, relying on the good will of volunteers and fundraisers. We are receiving an ever-increasing number of referrals and would greatly appreciate any sponsorship support. Please contact us to discuss opportunities". Contact: Natasha Singh, Clinical Manager. Address: Maidstone Community Support Centre, 39-48 Marsham Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1HH. Tel.: 01622 230 736. E-mail:
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Truckersworld attracts around 70 million hits a year, mostly from truck drivers but also police officers, Highways Agency officers, government ministers and many others - and the theft alert system described below is only part of the organisation's activity. The Theft Text Alert System is aimed at fighting the criminals who undertake vehicle theft. Truck drivers in the UK are registering on the site as extra "eyes on the road", locating stolen vehicles. As Truckersworld is notified of a vehicle theft, they text out the details to lorry drivers who are registered to receive the information - and then act to help find the stolen vehicles. "Due to the lack of police resources, recovery of stolen vehicles is rare, but with thousands of extra eyes the chance of recovery is increased. The alert system has started with theft of lorries but will expand further if successful. As criminals start to recognise that the theft of vehicles is being broadcast by text to lorry drivers nationwide, this will act as a deterrent, thus helping to reduce both thefts and insurance costs. The system is endorsed by ACPO (the Association of Chief Police Officers) and Truckpol. We all need to fight against crime". Truckersworld is interested in talking to potential sponsors of the system. Contact: Barrie Tozer. Address: 29 Storeys Lane, Skegness, Lincolnshire PE24 5LR. Tel.: 01754811139. E-mail:
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