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JOURNALISM.CO.UK held its news:rewired event in January focusing on topics including multimedia journalism, news business models and crowd sourcing. news:rewired1 was a great success, selling out several weeks prior to the event and positive feedback was received from delegates and sponsors. Following on from this success the site has announced its next event, news:rewired:the nouveau niche, which will be taking place at MSN, UK on the 25th June. "This time around we are focusing on niche, featuring specialist topics including mobile, building online buzz and managing online communities. We are partnering with the BBC College of Journalism, Cision and MSN and are looking for further sponsors that could benefit from having their brand associated with the event and from targeting more than two hundred journalists and media professionals who will be attending the event. For more information on the event and the opportunities we have available please visit or download our sponsorship package and get in touch!" Contact: Adam Cox, Online media sales/account manager. Address: 100 North Road, Brighton BN1 1YE. Tel.: 01273 384291. E-mail:
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Media in Motion provides private hospitals and clinics with tablet computers - such as Apple iPads - for their waiting areas. These can be used by their patients and guests while waiting for their appointments. With 5,000 + patients coming through many of these waiting areas each month, 95% of whom will bring a partner or relation, that's 10,000 captive eyes trained on these units. (We've all been there - waiting for an appointment with nothing to do, other than stare at the person opposite us or read yesterday's newspaper). But now there is an alternative: these units will be loaded with many applications, allowing users to read the day's newspapers, do the crossword, play games (for kids and adults), read the latest magazines, play Sudoku - there's something for everyone, whatever their age and whatever their interests. "We are looking for organisations to sponsor one or more of these computers, either in their local hospitals/clinics or in the wider area. Your branding will be on the front and back of the unit, as well as on the wall behind the unit's docking station and besides the dock, with any literature you wish. We guarantee that your message will be seen by all who enter the waiting area. The cost of this innovative, one-of-a-kind advertising? - only 330 per month for each sponsored unit. This is unbeatable value and with discounts for multiple units sponsored. Please feel free to contact us with any queries". Contact: Darren Fabian. E-mail:
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     MOT/0001      EQUINE WORLD UK
Sponsorship of show schedules offered to local horse shows and equestrian events. Contact: Mary Lyle, Commercial Director. Address: 18 Shepherds Close, Grove, OX12 0NX. E-mail:
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Under the banner of Admap, its flagship publication, the World Advertising Research Centre runs a highly successful series of conferences and seminars focussing on advertising, marketing and media issues. The organisation runs these events both in the UK and now in mainland Europe; soon, it will be running them in the United States. A range of sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact: Mike Crosby, Sales Manager. Address: 1, Ivory square, Plantation Wharf, London SW11 3UF. tel.: +44 (0)20 7326 8606. Fax: +44 (0)20 7326 8601. E-mail:
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