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The Dodworth & District Miners Memorial Fund was proposed to "procure, provide and maintain a memorial which could act as a focal point in the village of Dodworth, Barnsley to coal miners killed or injured in the surrounding areas from 1850 to the present day". Various continuing 'awareness events' are being proposed to highlight the construction of the memorial including canoeing, paragliding, sporting and other expeditionary events. This is a unique opportunity to record our rich social mining history and heritage for others to learn from. The surrounding mines supplied coal to the great industries on which our country was built - coal that heated our homes and powered our railways and our navy's ships which were used to discover the British Empire. All donations will be gratefully received and should be paid direct to the 'Dodworth & District Miners Memorial Fund' holding account by electronic transfer.     Account details: Dodworth & District Miners Memorial Fund.     Sort code: 11-00-23.     Account number: 01834551. Donations can be made at any Halifax Bank over the counter, using the sort code, account number and recipient details supplied. Contact: Richard G. Jessop. E-mail: Jessjessop2003@yahoo.co.uk.


Manpowered aircraft have always caught the public's imagination. The thought of propelling yourself through the air, under your own steam, has inspired legends. British designer Rupert Sweet-Escott has invented, and applied for patents for, the world`s first commercial pedal powered flying machine - consisting of a conventional paragliding or hang gliding harness, featuring an enclosed pedal drive mechanism which spins a lightweight propeller. It works like this: the free flight hang glider or paraglider pilot runs off a small hill, gets into the harness, finds the pedals and cruises away. The harder you work, the further you go. The invention improves dramatically the performance of the free flight glider and Rupert believes that, with the development of free flight wings improving all the time, the system will one day herald the first foot-launched aircraft that can climb. In the meantime the Airbike massively extends the pilot's theatre of operation. The product is green, newsworthy and, by using the wing as a huge signboard, is a perfect sponsorship platform. Options for the airbike include a small electric or petrol motor for launching anywhere. So it becomes a reliable advertising placard, able to perform at nearly any outdoor venue. This is aviation history and, at a total cost of below 10,000 per complete aircraft, including the optional power pack, represents excellent publicity value. It is good news green technology, British endeavour and is perfect for adventures and expeditions. The Airbike concept releases the aircraft from the confines of natural lift sources, allowing the pilot freedom to roam the skies using pedal power to push himself or herself along. The pedal powered flight concept is no longer a dream! And with a choice of either prone Airbikes for the hang gliding pilot or supine for hang gliding or paragliding this product is literally taking off. Contact: Rupert Sweet-Escott. Address: Higher Glen, Orchard Hill, Bideford, Devon EX39 2RA. Tel.: 01237 459717. E-mail: airbikeuk@googlemail.com.
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