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July 2011 will see hundreds of horses arrive in Yorkshire, along with a crowd of unpretentious, young and exceptionally fit sports men and women competing on behalf of their country in the 2011 World Cup. This is Polocrosse - the up and coming horse sport, huge in Australia and without question on its way up here. A cross between Polo and Lacrosse, Polocrosse is played outside, on horseback. Each rider uses a stick with a net to carry, throw and catch the rubber ball. The objective is to score goals by throwing the ball between your opponent's goal posts. "Around in the UK since the 80s, there's no 'thirty years of hurt' as far as Polocrosse is concerned - we're actually quite good at it. In 2011 it's the UK's turn to host the Polocrosse 2011 World Cup. The teams competing are United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the United States of America. Sponsorship packages will be tailored to the requirements of the brand in question, although there will be specific opportunities for a headline World Cup 2011 sponsor". Contact: Rachel Corcoran. Tel.: 0844 35 11 484. E-mail:


Dartmoor Pony Club Polocrosse Team is part of Dartmoor Pony Club, which is a registered charity. Polocrosse is a very fast and exciting game - a cross between polo and lacrosse. The team's squad consists of ten riders, ranging in ages from 11 to 19, with a variety of horses and ponies which travel all over the country. The senior team has won the area competition for Devon and Cornwall for the last two years and then came second in the Championships held at Nottingham. The team's juniors also won the Junior Championships. The squad is now in its third year and has come to the stage where they need more equipment and a higher calibre of teaching. For all of this they are looking for a sponsor. The Pony Club is a worldwide organisation and the Dartmoor polocrosse squad could offer a sponsor a high level of coverage. This would come from the sponsor's advertisement on horse trailers and vehicles as well as on jackets, together with media coverage. The sponsor could also have a link on the team's website which is accessed by many people. At the moment the team is finding it very hard to get the money to fund themselves. "We hope that a sponsor will come along very soon as the new season is underway and we are hoping to take part in a lot more tournaments this year". Contact: Mrs Sally Hamilton. Address: The Coach House, Whungreen, Cornwood, Ivybridge, Devon PL21 9HS. Tel.: 01752 837059. E-mail: sallyhamilton3@yahoo.co.uk
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