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Talented artist Isobel Smith seeks backing to study at the Royal College of Art. Well known for her ground-breaking performances for adults, Isobel Smith is destined for success. Her work crosses genres of sculpture/installation and puppetry. Creatively brave, she is committed and passionate about playing her part in shaping the direction of British performance art. She needs your help to fulfil this ambition. She is presently looking for sponsorship to cover her fees and travel. Isobel has secured a 30% bursary from the Royal College of Art and is now seeking to raise the rest of the funding herself. She needs £16,000 to cover the next two years' college fees and travel costs. Isobel was over the moon to be awarded a place to study for an MA Sculpture/Performance at the Royal College of Art and is determined not to let financial concerns get in the way of this life-changing opportunity. Your sponsorship would relieve the financial burden and allow her to focus fully on her studies. "I'm perhaps not the usual candidate", says Isobel. "As a 48 year old mother of two, I may have more responsibilities than other students but I also have rich life experience to draw on. My commitment to art has been thoroughly tried and tested and now I'm ready fly!" Contact: Isobel Smith. Address: 2 Newhouse Farm Cottages, Firle, Lewes BN8 6ND. Tel.: 07904 208135. Fax no.: 01273 858336. E-mail:
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    Connection to cutting-edge artistic practice and ideas.
    Invite to shows at prestigious Royal College of Art.
    Invites to all Isobel Smith's events.
    A set of signed prints of the images that helped get her a place at RCA, dedicated to you.
    Regular progress reports to let you know how your help is making an impact.
    Sponsor to be mentioned in social media - Twitter and Facebook.
    Isobel Smith will make you a beautiful bespoke puppet!





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