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Real Tennis, the original racket sport, requires sponsorship for a number of events. Relative to major international sporting events that demand huge advertising and promotional budgets, sponsoring companies can reach high net worth individuals for comparatively modest sponsorship funding. They can use the venues of Real Tennis courts for corporate entertaining and have the added attraction of watching one of the hardest of racket games being played at a fast and furious pace. The International Real Tennis Professionals' Association is looking for international sponsorship - the sport is played in Australia, England, France and the United States. Although the current economic climate is difficult, the IRTPA believes that companies still need to maintain their image and keep their brand prominent in the marketplace, in an area they had probably not considered before. Any sponsoring organisation will be joining a growing number of well-known companies that have sponsored Real Tennis. Real Tennis is unique: the nature of the game and the way it is played relies heavily on courtesy, honesty and trust between players. The players and followers of the game alike are proud of the fact that the sport retains these traditions and qualities. Sponsors have seen the benefit of associating their names in order to attract customers and reinforce their brand image of integrity, trustworthiness, style and reliability (see the companies listed in the download document). "Have a look at our website and see how the game is played - http://www.irtpa.com/index.php/realtennis/video_downloads/ - and then contact us for further information on developing your relationship with us by talking with Susie Falkner". Contact: Susie Falkner, CEO. Address: 43 Montholme Road, London SW11 6HX. Tel.: +44 208 333 4267. Fax: +44 207 771 0139. E-mail: ceo@irtpa.com
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