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The Global Circumnavigation Challenge is a bid by British ocean adventurer Alan Priddy and an experienced crew of six to break the current much coveted UIM world record in the fastest and most efficient wave-piercing powerboat to circumnavigate the globe. The record is currently held by New Zealander Pete Bethune at 60 days 23 hours 49 minutes. The Global Circumnavigation Challenge team intend to cover the 24,000 miles at sea in under fifty days. This is no small task and will attract an enormous amount of media exposure, including a documentary for which filming has already started. "We are currently looking for further partners and sponsors at all levels. Links to our website and Facebook page where you can read full details of the voyage, crew, media exposure and benefits to your brand can be found below. We are always open to further suggestions and negotiation, so please feel free to ask any questions or tell us what you would need from our expedition. Sponsorship opportunities of this magnitude and quality are rare and the project involves various legacy uses which will be of further ongoing value to any partners. We look forward to hearing from you". Contact: Joe Mearns. Tel.: 07977 043336. E-mail:
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The opportunity exists to sponsor record breaking disabled yachtsman Geoff Holt to become the first disabled yachtsman to sail the Atlantic Ocean single-handed. Geoff Holt has already acquired the specialist yacht, the only 60 foot wheelchair-accessible yacht in the world. Sponsorship funds are needed just to cover administrative costs. In return the yacht has two sixty foot white hulls and several thousand square metres of sail, just crying out for a sponsor's logo. Already a proven commodity, in 2007 Geoff Holt became the first disabled yachtsman to sail single handed around Great Britain. Paralysed from the chest down, he sailed his 15 foot trimaran dinghy 1,500 miles to fifty-one destinations in a Challenge that took 109 days to complete. On his return, he wrote a best-selling autobiography, Walking on Water. Now he is attempting the "big one" and with a guaranteed 30 minute documentary and a launch planned with HRH Princess Anne and Dame Ellen MacArthur, DBE, this project offers the title sponsor a unique and highly "PR friendly" marketing opportunity for a modest cost. Contact: Geoff Holt. Address: Ty Melyn, St Anne's Lane, Shedfield SO32 2HR. Tel.: 01329 835151. E-mail: geoff@geoffholt.com.
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JET REACTION (World Two Wheeled Land Speed Record Challenger)
Jet Reaction's motorcycle land speed challenge will provide exciting opportunities for sponsors to be associated with a credible outright world speed record attempt. In 1999, Richard Brown rode his rocket-powered Gillette Mach 3 Challenger, which he also designed and built, on the Bonneville Salt Flats to an officially timed one way speed of 332.877 mph, peaking at 365 mph. Unable to make a return run to secure the outright record due to technical issues relating to the poor course conditions, Richard at least had the satisfaction of knowing that he had exceeded the highest speed previously seen for a two-wheeled vehicle and, in fact, it was to be another seven years before anyone went faster still. Using the experience gained from the Gillette Mach 3 Challenger, Richard has now engineered another thrust powered bike called Jet Reaction, which has been able to run as both a two- or three-wheeler for testing in the UK, prior to its attempt on the Outright World Two Wheel Land Speed Record, currently 376.363 mph. This innovative vehicle is powered by a highly modified gas turbine, with bespoke afterburner. "Whether you want the build-up and spectacle of a world class event or to share the adventure and technological values, Jet Reaction can make a major contribution to your company's image and media profile. The project will be carefully integrated with traditional and social media to help connect with the widest possible audience. As an example, Richard's last world record attempt not only attracted widely viewed TV documentaries broadcast by the BBC and Discovery Channel but also over half a million viewings of its video clips on YouTube. Although we have now completed the design and build stages, we have held back on the publication of the project so we can have the maximum flexibility to conceive and tailor sponsor packages". Contact: Ian Bennett. Address: 47 Bakers Ground, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8GD. Tel.: 447971800931. E-mail:
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