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Community Central CIC is a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company (CIC) based in Leeds. "We work in significantly disadvantaged areas to build community cohesion and promote social and financial inclusion through a variety of projects. The event we are seeking sponsorship for is Armley's Salute to the Armed Forces, an outdoor family fun day to support Armed Forces Day on Saturday, 24th June. Our event is currently the only privately organised celebration approved by the Ministry of Defence in Leeds. Our event has attracted an unprecedented amount of interest from the public, as well as the media, so to accommodate this we have expanded on our original plan which was for a much smaller event. This, of course, has also increased the cost of bringing this community event to the residents of Leeds. The area in which the event is to be held is highly diverse in terms of nationalities, cultures, faiths and race, making this an ideal location to highlight that diversity is positive and adds richness to our communities and that Leeds people - regardless of background - respect, appreciate and stand by our British Armed Forces. On the day, civic leaders, our regional Crime Commissioner and members of the uniformed services will be attending with the BBC, other local news broadcasters and the press covering our event. We are looking at making this an annual event. Please contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities associated with this high profile event". Contact: Roxanne Newsome. Address: Castleton Mill, Castleton Close, Leeds LS12 2DS. Tel.: 07511020196. Fax: 07511020196E-mail:
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