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Rent A Date For Charity is the original online auction dating website. It is a non-profit company needing sponsorship for the running of the site and also events that are planned as part of the company's fundraising campaign. All auction proceeds go 100% primarily to UK-registered brain tumour charities - but this is being expanded to include worldwide charities too. Rent A Date For Charity (RDC) was set up by director Lisa Connell after she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour two years ago at the age of 27, and she is trying to reach her goal of raising 1million for charity before she dies. RDC is now looking for sponsors to help with the running cost of the website and to hire full time staff. Lisa and RDC get regular press coverage and have featured articles in Elle, Now and Woman magazine, as well as LK Today and London Tonight. They can offer sponsors the opportunity to feature in association with all their fundraising events, a mention in all press coverage - and also the celebrities that are involved will help raise the profile of RDC and also generate more traffic. Clearly this would be a wonderful PR opportunity for any company to be seen doing something for charity and putting the fun back into fundraising with RDC at www.rentadateforcharity.com. Contact: Lisa Connell, Director. Tel.: 0208 368 0486. E-mail: lisaconnell@rentadateforcharity.com.
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Sponsorship opportunities are ongoing: RDC is looking for a top sponsor to assist in maintaining the website as well as sponsorship for printing promotional materials and future events.


Co-branding on all promotional material and future events where celebrities are already guaranteed to be in attendance.
Mention in media interviews and press coverage.
Survey inclusion for all prize draw giveaways donated by the sponsor.
Mention in weekly newsletter and prize draw updates and much, much more.


Urbansocial is an online social service that attracts a discerning audience of single professionals across the UK. Boasting a position as the UK's most stylish online dating service, Urbansocial currently achieves over 700,000 page views and 100,000 unique visitors per month, attains a 6/10 Google ranking and has a growing membership of upwards of 35,000. Its users are characterised as being     20-30 something    ABC1    university educated    adventurous and active    frequent travellers abroad    with high disposable income    single, enjoy going out, socialising and the latest trends    information hungry. Contact: Anna Cooney, Partner. Address: 85 Wroughton Road, London SW11 6AS. Tel.: 07984 152574. E-mail: anna@urbansocial.com
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Current opportunities

Urbansocial has two levels of sponsorship opportunities available.

Overall business sponsorship

Urbansocial is seeking an overall business sponsor. Sponsorship benefits include branding across the Urbansocial website, co-branded banners, web links, promotion at events, monthly newsletter inclusions, competitions, reviews and media coverage.

Individual section sponsorship

Urbansocial seeks individual sponsors for a variety of site sections currently under development (eg food, drink, lifestyle, health, travel, etc). Sections will provide information, reviews, blogs, user chats etc. Sponsor benefits include co-branding, banner advertising, content input and/or management, web links, competitions, reviews.

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