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Description/contact info.
Luke Garland is a young, very talented snooker player who is looking for sponsorship. His record of success to date speaks for itself: Under 21s West Midlands - Individual Champion; Premier U21s Junior Tour Event 1 - Winner; PTC 6 - qualified into professional rounds and played
Ronnie O'Sullivan; Premier U21s Junior Tour Event 2 - Quarter Finalist (currently ranked no:1 after 7 events); picked by EASB to play in the World Under 21s Championships in Dubai - got to quarter finals. 2014-2015 season: PTC 2 in Furth, Germany - won 3 rounds to play Shaun Murphy in last 128 - lost 4-1; Under 21s West Midlands - Individual Champion; PTC 3 in Sofia, Bulgaria - lost to Ben Jones just before the pro round. Currently ranked 4th in EASB U21s Premier Junior Tour. PTC 4 in Germany - lost in last 128 against Fergal O'Brien, 4-1. PTC 5 in Lisbon, Portugal - lost in last 128 against the pro Sam Baird, 4-2. Currently ranked in the top 16 EBSA amateur rankings. "If I stay in the top 16 I will get to play in the amateur playoffs for two pro tickets. I have also been selected by the EASB to play in the U21s European Championships being held in March in Malta". PTC 6 in Poland - lost first round to Richard Beckham, 4-1. Picked to play in the World Under 21s in July. Contact: Daryl Garland. Address: 1 Fladbury Crescent B29 6PL. Tel.: 07757600647. E-mail: daryl_garland@hotmail.co.uk.



Kashif Khan is looking for player sponsorship. "I have won various titles at club level. My highest break is exactly 100. I have played in various PTCs as well as amateur tournaments. I am looking to turn professional as soon as possible. Please contact me to discuss sponsorship possibilities". Contact: Kashif Khan. Address: 38 The Crescent, SW19 8AN. E-mail:


Peter Devlin, aged 16, is a brilliant young snooker player who has left school to play snooker for hours each day. "Unfortunately I am a single mum, struggling to pay bills, and cannot afford to pay his trips to venues and entry fees and practise costs indefinitely. I work from home as a freelance translator and earn less than my expenses each month. We really need to find a sponsor for him, so that his dreams are not dashed. I'm sure he has the talent and the determination to succeed, and his coach has always said he will be the world number 1 one day for sure. I am very sad that I cannot afford the money that needs to be spent on him. He wins quite a few tournaments already against much older players. I can send you articles from our local paper from recent times, or put you onto his coach for any further information. Best regards. Nicola Devlin". Contact: Nicola Devlin. Address: 22 Beaconsfield Road E10 5RD. Tel.: 02085584076. E-mail:


Address: 75 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2NT. Tel.: 0117-317-8200. Fax: 0117-317-8219. E-mail: info@worldsnooker.com.
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