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Ref. no.
Description/contact info.
Please contact for updated details. Contact: Ruth Everard, Director. Address: Dragonmobility (UK) CIC. Address: Unit 1, 149b Histon Road, Cambriudge CB4 3JD. Tel.: 01223 464460. E-mail:
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The Beauford Belle is no ordinary car! With her looks she is one of the most photographed cars in the UK and enjoys regularly participating in the London, Chantilly, Maastricht, Disney, Edinburgh and Paris annual parades.     World wide TV exposure: With the New Year's Day London Parade not far away, here is a fantastic opportunity for sponsors to become involved with The Beauford Belle. She has been photographed with some of her best friends, including The Pink Panther, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Minis from The Italian Job. Her passengers have included among others, London's Town Crier, London's Ambassador for Goodwill, The Blue Flamingo from New Zealand and Betty Boo from America. The Beauford Belle is currently seeking sponsorship to enable initiatives that will help raise publicity for charities through parades and events. She also loves to be involved in corporate functions, films, TV, weddings and other special occasions. So well known is she that she has her own poem: "There is a car that casts a spell, She goes by the name of The Beauford Belle, She leads parades both near and far, With her classic lines she is a star. She's very sexy and sublime, In red and black she is divine. She loves publicity, photos too, She's more than happy to pose for you. So when you see her, wave and smile At her stunning looks and unique style!". She is very excited about any new possibilities! Contact: Andy or Julie. Address: 1 Forest View Avenue, Leyton, London E10 6DX. Tel.: 07974 654 457. E-mail: divpups@tiscali.co.uk.


Alex Peters has been building up his 2007 Ford Mustang GT for track days over a number of years. He is now entering sprint race and hillclimb events with it. "In return for sponsorship, I would like to offer the use of my car in publicity campaigns, to carry company logos on the car and my race suit. You will note from my blog that the highly unusual and photogenic Mustang is a huge hit with the crowds at race venues and in public,
particularly with ladies. This could provide your company with great popular credibility". Contact: Alex Peters. Address: Castle Wood, Rhododendron Avenue, Meopham DA13 0TU. E-mail: alex.peters@blacksuntechnology.co.uk.
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Drivers Edge UK is an innovative organisation that aims to dramatically reduce the instances of road traffic accidents and driving-related crimes in the UK by providing young people, typically aged between 14 and 21, with a comprehensive training package, including workshops and seminars. Each preventative interactive session takes the students through the key causes of road traffic accidents, so there is a clear foundation to give young people the awareness they need to spot a dangerous situation, plus other advantages. "Our intensive mentoring and coaching programme equips young people with the skills, knowledge and conscience to drive safely and behave responsibly. Drivers Edge UK exploits the popular topic of driving to raise our students' self esteem, achievement and personal development. After losing a friend of ours through a road traffic accident in July 2006, we know first hand what it's like to see lives crumble as a result". The branding of a corporate sponsor or partner will appear on some or all of the following, depending on the level and type of sponsorship    The Drivers Edge UK website (A)    Quarterly Newsletter (to our 500 stakeholders and organisations) (A)    Drivers Edge UK information leaflet (given to every attendee)     Drivers Edge UK brochure (B)     Certificates of Attendance (B)    Safe Road User agreement (C)     Toolkit Bag (including leaflet and sponsored gifts)    Annual Reception (yearly - July). Contact: Wale Yusuff, Director. Tel.: +44 (0) 203 239 7259. E-mail:
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Sponsor benefits

: network with some beneficiaries and friends of Drivers Edge UK
: expand customer base
: income (measurable via promotion codes ie two free driving lessons and giveaways)
: launch and sample new products and services and get instant customer feedback
: associate marketing with social cause
: public relations alongside Drivers Edge UK (social enterprise)
: Certificate of support - to be displayed in sponsor's offices
: use of Drivers Edge UK branding to make customers and employees aware of their support of Drivers Edge UK

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Opened in late 2007, a five minute journey from the UK's busiest airport, London Heathrow, and a fifteen minute train ride from London Paddington station, London Motor Museum is an exciting, innovative museum which encapsulates the essence of motoring achievement and features an element of extreme conversion vehicles never seen before. The museum's collection currently houses over 200 vehicles, covering the eras of the 1930s through to modern day concept cars. A wide range of transport vehicles is displayed, including bikes, trucks and concept cars. Being the only motor museum in the London region, the museum is able to stimulate the most profound motoring fanatics as well as provide an educational element which introduces innovation and core aspects of technology and design. A wide market reach, with targeted audiences being families, predominately males, and a large tourist interest, the London Motor Museum provides a fantastic canvas for inventive displays and exhibitions, being involved in some of the most prestigious and well-known motoring events - such as Goodwood Festival of Speed and Top Gear Live - and working for companies such as Nokia, Microsoft and Disney. London Motor Museum has always heavily based employment for the younger generation and provides hands-on opportunities to be involved in all aspects, such as planning, marketing and production. The museum's aims are to provide unique opportunities for the local community; it aims to raise funds for local youth programmes as well as establish a base and provide training through workshops and employment prospects. The museum is seeking sponsorship to market and promote the education programmes and to fund core collaboration projects with the community. The redevelopment of the suites will greatly improve revenue sources. To implement the second phase, a subsidiary museum in central London is planned. London Motor Museum is looking for sponsors to help fund projects and the redevelopment of the museum. All sponsors will get advertising space on the museum website, within the museum premises and on all brochures and leaflets, great marketing material and use of the museum facilities and vehicles. Contact Mai Elo, Manager. Address: 3 Nestles Avenue, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 4SB. Tel.: 0800 195 0777. Fax 0208 561 7263. E-mail:
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THE MOBILITY ROADSHOW - closing after 34 years (see website)
Contact: Mobility Choice. Tel.: +44 (0)1332 810007. E-mail:
link to website (Mobility Roadshow)


Soccer@Sea conducts 5-a-side soccer games and tournaments on cruise ships, delivering worldwide exposure. It is the Ultimate Soccer Camp and family holiday in one. The program is for all ages male and female - and will focus on putting the fun back into the game. The program will be conducted by international coaches and local team coaches who bring their teams and groups aboard. "Our programs include international matches played at various ports of call worldwide, skills workshops, daily games, techniques and drills, final tournaments and awards presentations. We will also be discussing soccer fitness and nutrition. Games will be played daily. On the final day, tournaments will be held and awards will be given. When we are in port, we have arranged games with the local teams and where there is a beach we will be playing beach soccer tournaments. This requires a different set of skills than conventional soccer and will give the player new skills - not to mention the cultural experience. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines are state-of-the-art ships with food 24/7. Amenities include pools, water slide, spa, fitness centre, Broadway/Vegas-style shows, nightclubs, live music and entertainment and shopping, as well as kids' camps from toddlers to teens. Some ships have ice arenas and ice shows. Contact us for full details of sponsorship opportunities associated with this innovative and exciting new program". Contact: Steve Everitt, Owner. Address: 378 Northlake Blvd #247, North Palm Beach. FL. 33408, USA. Tel. toll free 888 813 5898; Skype 1 561 935 3953. E-mail:
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Truckersworld attracts around 70 million hits a year, mostly from truck drivers but also police officers, Highways Agency officers, government ministers and many others - and the theft alert system described below is only part of the organisation's activity. The Theft Text Alert System is aimed at fighting the criminals who undertake vehicle theft. Truck drivers in the UK are registering on the site as extra "eyes on the road", locating stolen vehicles. As Truckersworld is notified of a vehicle theft, they text out the details to lorry drivers who are registered to receive the information - and then act to help find the stolen vehicles. "Due to the lack of police resources, recovery of stolen vehicles is rare, but with thousands of extra eyes the chance of recovery is increased. The alert system has started with theft of lorries but will expand further if successful. As criminals start to recognise that the theft of vehicles is being broadcast by text to lorry drivers nationwide, this will act as a deterrent, thus helping to reduce both thefts and insurance costs. The system is endorsed by ACPO (the Association of Chief Police Officers) and Truckpol. We all need to fight against crime". Truckersworld is interested in talking to potential sponsors of the system. Contact: Barrie Tozer. Address: 29 Storeys Lane, Skegness, Lincolnshire PE24 5LR. Tel.: 01754811139. E-mail:
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Ref. no.
Description/contact info.
"We are the organisers of a relaxed family classic VW and Porsche show. The show attracts a wide age range, particularly those interested in the outdoors, outdoor pursuits, surfing, skating, etc. I would be pleased to discuss these exciting opportunities with sponsors. If you have any other ideas in particular, then I would do my best to accommodate them. To give a better idea of exactly what we do, please see our website www.jcevents.co.uk, email jcevents@talk21.com or call me (Jason) for an informal chat on 07971 559453". Contact: Jason Canning, Proprietor. Address: 1 Oakwood Road, Moordown, Bournemouth, Dorset BH9 3DF. Tel.: 07971 559453. E-mail:




The Super Weekend is delighted to be able to offer a brilliant opportunity to get involved with a fantastic developing event in the south west of the UK. For a film of the event, please click here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDC4NvoCmMw. "In 2012, Heart Radio and Devon Life were our media partners and we will again be involved with them in 2013. This year the event combines with the finals of Miss England 2013 which will be taking place on the same weekend. This presents an opportunity for huge exposure as a sponsor. We would like to invite a company seeking great exposure and associations with this prestigious event and brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, Sunseeker, etc., to get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity". Contact: Matt Palmes. Address: Knoll Hall, 10 Barton Road, Torquay TQ1 4DS. Tel.: 447974020164. E-mail: matt@thesuperweekend.co.uk.
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Other information

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