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Backroom Operations boast a position as the best and most respected skateboard events and tours organisers in the UK. They also handle rider sponsorship and many other aspects of the sport. With over fifteen years' experience in the field, unmatchable industry contacts and a proven track record you really can't go wrong. If you have a product or a brand aimed at the youth sector, here's a good way to reach your market rather than with outdated traditional means. The company recognises that the image of skaters is of a load of hoodie-wearing drop outs - but a recent demographic study has shown this to be a massive 'urban myth', with the largest percentage coming from Category A homes and many of the 21+ age group being successful young professionals with high disposable incomes. More and more focus is being heaped upon pushing the young into more physical activity and better health. Skateboarding attracts exactly the kind of people that aren't interested in the traditional team sports taught in schools and who could easily go on without any access to sport. "Do you want to reach this rapidly growing market? Then contact us NOW and let us work out which option best suits your marketing and advertising strategy and how we can cater for your needs". Contact: Nic Powley. Address: 17 Pretoria Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 5PY. Tel.: 07710 325728. E-mail: nic@backroomoperations.com
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Big Blue 2010 is looking for a headline sponsor, plus official partners across the event, which features    Newton Faulkner headlining on the beach    the return of an Extreme Sports Festival to the Isle of Wight    one of the biggest mobile urban parks in Europe on-site    professional extreme sports athletes from all over the world    chance for visitors to 'PLAY', with the opportunity to try all the extreme sports on offer    the opportunity to take part in the X-Mile, raising funds for the Ellen MacArthur Trust    the Rob Da Bank DJ Party. The Big Blue Festival is a new breakthrough extreme sports festival, launched this year. Based on the Isle of Wight at Yaverland Beach in Sandown, the Big Blue Festival will take place over three days in September (17th - 19th) and feature over twenty extreme sports on land, air and sea. The Saturday will include a Rob Da Bank party night with Newton Faulkner playing on the beach. What can you expect to see at the Big Blue Festival? Top professional competitions, sports displays, live music, a kid's zone and a new concept called 'PLAY', where the general public can get involved and try some of the exciting new sports on offer. A live big screen will ensure none of the action on land and sea is missed. The sea will be packed with action sports including Windsurfing Freestyle and Racing Championships, National Paddleboard Championships, Surfing, Kitesurfing on the bespoke slider park, Wakeboards, Sailing, Kayaking and the Thundercats. On the land will be the Big Blue Freesports Park, one of the biggest mobile urban parks in Europe. This state of the art urban park is filled with ramps and obstacles that provide an extreme sports playground for anything from BMX and Skateboarding, to Beat Box, Graffiti Jams, Parkour and much more. The Big Blue Freesports Park will showcase displays from the best riders, put on 'PLAY' sessions. Beside the Freesports Park there will also be some exciting up and coming breakthrough sports, including Ropeboarding, Slackline and Street Surfing. The UK's tallest mobile climbing wall, standing at 9m, will also be on-site. The Festival activities will culminate in the 'X-Mile' charity event on Sunday, 19th September, where the general public and competitors will be encouraged to cover an extreme mile on land and water in aid of the Ellen MacArthur Trust. Contact: Sarah Rees, Commercial Manager. Address: Into the blue, One the Parade, Cowes, Isle of Wight PO31 7QJ. Tel.: 07769 827261. E-mail:
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Featured attractions


'PLAY' is a great feature at the Big Blue, encouraging people of all ages to get involved in some of the exciting sports on offer. The Festival will host open sessions everyday for a massive range of sports including freestyle football, kitesurfing, mountain boarding, parkour, paddle boarding, surfing, skating, BMX, streetboard, mountain biking, Thundercats, powerboat driving and windsurfing.

Live Action and Music

A big screen situated right in the centre of the Festival will broadcast all the action over the weekend live - with expert commentary provided. The screen will be situated next to the custom-built restaurant and bar area.



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