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Description/contact info.
In the footsteps of Shackleton ... skiing the last ninety-seven nautical miles to the South Pole - The Nimrod Expedition. "As part of a small team of ten, I am looking for sponsorship to support a ski trek challenge to the Geographic South Pole, starting where Sir Ernest Shackleton abandoned his plans to do the same in 1902 (see my website for a brief outline of the Shackleton story). It was on his now-famous Nimrod Expedition that Shackleton, with his trusted colleagues, turned back ninety-seven nautical miles from the centre due to poor weather conditions and a lack of supplies. The Antarctic Challenge - the intention is to trek to the Geographic South Pole ... the highest, coldest, most windswept place on Earth, skiing over the ice plateau and weaving through sastrugi in extreme weather conditions. I will be pulling a 25kg pulk, containing all necessary supplies to cover the fourteen day expedition to the centre of the South Pole. The Sponsorship - I am looking for key sponsors to help support the cost of the challenge and in return I will help to raise sponsors' brand awareness, as well as create funds for good causes (click the download button below for personal news achievements)". Contact: Hazel Richards. Address: Hazel Richards Consultancy Ltd., 145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PW. Tel.: 07970709386. E-mail: hdlrichards@gmail.com.
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  The Opportunities

    Company logos on jackets and equipment
    Photographs and video diary during trek, with specific sponsor requests at the South Pole
    As the trek is being led by David Hempleman Adams, a well known global polar adventurer, there could be the opportunity to use his media coverage.
    Support as an ambassador for the sponsor's brand before, during and after the event.
    Include branding on website, link to sponsor's website, inclusion on sponsor's website, presentations and inclusion in all media interest
    Support sponsors' good causes by raising agreed amounts before, during or after the event
    Social media, using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and blogging via website to interested parties as a medium to draw audience to sponsor's website
    GPS tracker to draw audience to website - will enable viewers to follow daily progress - tracker page to include sponsor's branding and website link
    Create articles in connection with the expedition prior, during and after the event
    Champion sponsors' causes by making presentations and representation to groups and other corporates, as requested by the sponsor
    Support any testing or trials a sponsor may want to conduct within Antarctic conditions.


Soul Sports is offering a title sponsorship opportunity for The British Snowboard Tour and British Freeski Tour. The world-ranked and official National Championship Tours for these professional sports link ground-breaking sporting achievement with a thrill-seeking lifestyle, providing enviable brand cut-through to an influential youth market. Ownership of the British Snowboard and Freeski Tours includes The Brits (the weeklong snowsports and music festival in Europe quoted as 'A cutting edge winter event' - Radio One), seven UK Championship events, and a dedicated Schools Tour. The Tours attract extensive media coverage, including terrestrial TV broadcast and dedicated reportage through radio and media partnerships. Contact: Spencer Claridge, Sponsorship Director. Address: B5 Enterprise Point, Melbourne Street, Brighton BN2 3LH. Tel.: 01273 687788. Fax: 01273 620877. E-mail: spencer@soulsports.co.uk.
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The Combined Services Disabled Ski Team was set up during 2008 as part of the services' Battle Back programme. Skiers were selected from personnel who took part in the first Adaptive Ski Training Exercise, run in March 2008 ("Ex Snow Warrior"). The team consists of members of all three services who have either been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan or who have suffered traumatic non-battlefield injuries that prevent them from undertaking able-bodied sport. Currently the team consists of Captain Martin Hewitt - Para - shot through the shoulder in Afghanistan; Staff Sergeant Mark Hutchinson - Royal Engineers - who lost the use of his right arm in a motorcycle accident; Sergeant Mick Brennan - Royal Signals - who lost both legs above the knee in a suicide-bomb blast in Iraq; and Trooper Steve Shine - Royal Tank Regiment - who lost one leg to an Improvised Explosive Device in Iraq. All the current members of the team have been through rehabilitation at Headley Court and now lead a largely independent life within the forces. Quite amazingly, Sergeant Brennan and Trooper Shine only learnt to ski in March 2008, but they (and Captain Hewitt) have already been selected for the British Disabled Ski Team Development Squad (BDST). Staff Sergeant Hutchinson is already a member of the BDST and has been racing this year at Europa Cup level. Another ex Snow Warrior completed in March and there will be at least three more skiers joining the squad next season. All the team members have been through horrific injuries, especially those wounded in action. Their progress to recovery, which can never be absolute, has been an enormously painful journey. Rehabilitation at Headley Court is incredibly taxing and those who have lost lower limbs have had to learn to walk again on computer-controlled prosthetic legs. Then they had to learn to ski, a process in which falling over is infinitely more painful and dangerous than for an able-bodied skier. They face extraordinary levels of pain simply learning to ski. In order to race at international level, they have to push themselves an extraordinary amount; some have broken their remaining limbs during training and, in some cases, have aggravated their original wounds. This shows a level of dedication that is hard to match in any walk of life, but their burning desire to prove themselves, to reach for a normal life and, ultimately, to compete in a UK team suit is what drives them inexorably forward. These incredibly determined and extremely brave young skiers deserve every chance to compete at the 2014 Paralympics. They have given a considerable part of themselves in the service of their country and it would be very fitting if they could compete for that country in a sport to which they are totally committed. "They are extraordinary people and really deserve your support; we would really welcome sponsorship, either to pay for the team's expenses during the next few seasons or by way of sponsorship in kind. We can provide considerable beneficial engagement with your staff in return". Contact: Colonel David Eadie. Address: PJHQ, Sandy Lane, Northwood HA6 3JJ. Tel.: 01923 955307. E-mail: david@eadie.me.uk.

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Ref. no.
Description/contact info.
TJ Baldwin is the British Alpine Ski Champion in Downhill, Super G, Super Combined and Overall Combined. He is also the British No. 1 in two events. His world rankings in three disciplines are inside the top 200. TJ has raced at the very top level for a number of years, competing at the European Youth Winter Olympics, at three World Junior Championships and at the 2011 Senior World Championships. He has been identified as one of Great Britain's best Olympic hopefuls and is part of the British World Cup/Olympic team. He will be racing at World Cup events which are televised by the BBC and Eurosport with a potential audience of around fifty million. Aims for 2011/12 season     To race at World Cup level and gain Top 30 results    To win British titles in at least four of the six events    To break into the world Top 100 rankings in two events. Vision     To be the best Alpine ski racer in Great Britain and compete at the 2013 World Championships and 2014 Winter Olympics. Equipment sponsors - Atomic skis and boots, Colmar clothing, Leki poles, Uvex helmets and goggles and Level gloves. How can you help? TJ's programme with the British ski team for one year will cost 15,000: this consists of travel expenses, accommodation, food and lift passes. In return ... your logo on his helmet/headband/hat and rollneck top shown on TV and in all pictures in press releases and online. This has the potential to be seen worldwide on TV and online. Also on his website and Twitter/Facebook ... Contact: Andrew Baldwin. Address: Acorn Hollow, Chequers Road, Tharston, Norwich NR15 2YA. Tel.: 01508 531203 or 07885 755222. E-mail:
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