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Denny Jodecke won two gold medals at the 10th World Firefighters Games 2008 in Liverpool in August last year and one gold in Sheffield 2004. The GB Firefighter Team is a team of three active aviation firefighters, representing Team Great Britain, Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster, Sheffield, the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the British Fire Service in six events at the 11th World Firefighters Games 2010 in Daegu (South Korea). The Games will feature sixty sporting events over a period of seven days, attracting in excess of 5,000 competitors from over forty countries. The Games include a variety of sports and whilst the emphasis is on participation, competition is fierce and, the last time the Games were held in the UK (Sheffield), two British national records were broken. The Games last for a period of seven to ten days and are self-financing, with any surplus being reinvested in local charities. The team are now seeking sponsorship support. Contact: Denny Jodecke. Address: 53 Grosvenor Crescent, Arksey, Doncaster DN5 0SX. Tel.: 01032 873405. E-mail: denny-jodecke@gmx.de.



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