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Inem Coker is an exciting race driver who is looking for sponsorship to take his career to the next level. Inem has a professional approach to his racing as he hopes to reach the very top of the sport. A London magazine dubbed him the next Lewis Hamilton, a claim that is backed up by his results. His results have improved in leaps and bounds since he started karting in 2010. Everyone who has seen Inem race has commented on how he combines the natural talent of drivers like Lewis Hamilton with the hard graft of drivers like Michael Schumacher. However, a lack of funding is threatening to stall a promising career and it would be a shame for talent like this go to waste. Inem's previous sponsors have been unable to renew their sponsorship for 2015 due to internal business issues. So there is now a chance for new sponsors to come on board and keep the momentum going. "We are looking for individuals and businesses that will help him take his name and their name(s) to the pinnacle of motorsports. Inem is not just a driver with potential: he is a proven winner and his recent results show that this is a very good time for discerning sponsors to come on board. Inem won the 2014 Junior Rotax Championship at Kimbolton, the coveted East Anglian Cup and the prestigious London Cup. In a year of high achievements, he also won the Josh O'Malley Memorial Trophy and achieved pole position at Round 1 of Super 1, the British national karting championships. He set a new Kimbolton lap record in March 2014 and broke that record again in April 2014. OHTV (a TV company broadcasting on Sky) have produced a couple of documentaries following his progress, and you can find videos of his races on YouTube, including his dominant win at the London Cup in September 2014. Sponsors know that they will be backing a winner, which would be great for their business. Unusually, Inem has combined racing with education successfully - scoring four B's, four A's and one A* in his GCSEs. So, in addition to getting a racing star, sponsors will also have someone with a high intellectual capacity as an ambassador to front their products/services. In return for sponsorship, we offer hospitality suites at races, sponsor's logo on Inem's livery, race wear and website, and regular highlights in press releases. Inem and all his racing equipment will also be available for display, endorsements and promotions. However, this is not just about sponsorship, promotions and company logos - it's about forming a partnership that creates history and fulfils a destiny. There is an opportunity for major sponsors to become life-long partners in Inem's push towards the top of motorsports. We would like to discuss sponsorship options with interested parties. To find out more about how you can be part of this partnership, do please get in touch". Contact: Mr Ope Coker. Address: 9 Farriers End, Stanway, Colchester CO3 0YE. Tel.: +447866526610 (from outside UK); 07866 526610 or 07575 915924 (from UK). E-mail:
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Jenson Harvey has been entered into the TV Masters weekend. This event is one of the biggest karting events in the UK, with all the associated press coverage and glamour. For Jenson's sponsors, this will deliver a very significant amount of TV coverage. But the reason for competing in the TV Masters is not solely to achieve television coverage: if Jenson gains a third place finish or higher he will qualify for the World Finals. There's very good reason to believe this is possible - Jenson, 14 years old and in his first season in Subaru, won the Junior Subaru class in the Winter 2014/15 championship and came second (by just one point) in the Lydd/Bayford Junior Subaru Inter Championship. He is currently in the top two in another three championships. Jenson had his first Junior Max race recently at the Lydd kart circuit as preparation for the Masters and got pole, won all three races and achieved the fastest lap in all three as well, missing the lap record by 0.006 seconds."David Griffiths from GMS Karting believes Jenson has every capability of getting to the World Finals 2015, an invitation-only event for people that have gained high ranking places in worldwide karting events (such as the TV Masters in the UK). The World Finals attract the best TV coverage worldwide of any karting event, and is a highly important stepping stone into the world of motorsport. David Griffiths believes that this is all very achievable for Jenson, with himself and Team GMS to back him. Jenson's website has been built - we are just waiting for it to go live at
www.jensonharveymotorracing.co.uk and the email address will be j.harvey@jensonharveymotorracing.co.uk. All we need is a sponsor or sponsors! Please do get in touch to discuss sponsorship opportunities". Contact: Keith Harvey. Address: Kings Oak, Clay Tye Road, Upminster RM14 3PL. Tel.: 07772044921. E-mail: k.harvey@monarch-movers.com.



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SKA/001 CLUB 100
Club 100 is one of the most competitive forms of karting in Europe today, say the organisers, with major venues nationwide. As well as attracting large crowds, the competitors themselves are wealthy, young and have a large disposable income. Most of the drivers are already signed up to sponsorship deals with the likes of sports car manufacturers, insurance companies, clothing retailers, etc. but an opportunity exists for a team sponsor in the endurance, sprint and elite championships. Contact: Dave Cottrell. Address: 9 Godric Square, Woodston, Peterborough PE2 7JJ. Tel.: 01733 237714. Fax: 01733 370299. E-mail: yesteryear@barclays.net.
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Sponsorship of this Club Championship Kart Racing show, to be screened on Motors TV UK (via Sky Television) promises to elevate its sponsor to new heights of success, by harnessing the power of TV to provide mass coverage for the company's brand and products. This one hour programme of highlights will be repeated four or five times a month, representing a total of five or six hours of TV exposure for the sponsoring company. With the cut and thrust of interviews and podium trophy presentations, interest will be maintained until the end of the season when the ultimate champions will be crowned. All in all, this will make fantastic TV - and is the complete package, as effective as any company could need to stimulate consumer interest and generate an increase in sales. The sponsor's company will be introduced as the sponsor at the start of the programme; again into and out of commercial breaks; and also at the end of the programme. Opportunities include    Major sponsorship    Secondary sponsorship    Associate sponsorship    Advertising    Hospitality - the sponsor can enjoy free buffet style food to entertain clients or reward employees    Large 12ft x 3ft signage showing the sponsor's company name and logo, all in prime locations around the circuit (in camera shot)    Podium backdrop advertising showing the sponsor's company name and logo (in camera shot)    Full page programme advertising    Mention in any press/media attention which is generated by the championship    Club websites    The sponsor's company will receive full trophy sponsorship. "The advertising potential is endless", say the organisers. Contact: Steve Seal. Tel.: 07955 575864. E-mail: brad991@live.co.uk.


Andy and Louise Richardson are now in their third full season of national level karting, competing in the National Kart Racing Association Mobil Super 1 Championship. Their potential was noticed early in their racing careers (in her inaugural year, Karting magazine commented that Louise was 'one to watch for the future') and, under the tutelage of one of the top UK teams - Velocity Motorsport - they have developed into two of the top drivers in the country. However, remaining competitive at this level requires considerable dedication, hard work and, not least of all for their parents, funding. On the plus side, the marketing opportunities are staggering for this largely unsponsored category of motorsport, with some of the tracks offering wonderful corporate conference and entertainment facilities. "So if you would like to make the most of some marvellous marketing opportunities and support two top drivers, for a relatively modest outlay, please contact us". Contact: Gwyn Richardson. Address: 8 Cumberland Gardens, Castle Bytham, Gramtham, Lincs. NG33 4SQ. Tel.: 01780 410759. Fax: 01780 410759. E-mail: jgr@ricson.freeserve.co.uk.


Lex Stevens is a fourteen year old racing driver at Team Lex Karting, residing in Telford, Shropshire, currently studying at school whilst pursuing a career in professional motorsport. "Hello, my name is Darren Stevens. I'm writing this on behalf of my son Lex, as, being a karting racing driver, he would like to pursue a career in professional motorsport. I will get straight to the point: I am looking for someone to sponsor Lex in the world of professional karting. I would be very happy to promote your company logos and advertising banners, etc., if any. Karting is Lex's main passion now - he was immediately hooked on the sport, from Day 1 when I first took him on his sixth birthday. Lex spent a lot of time after studying and practising at different tracks around the West Midlands area, learning how to take corners at a fast pace, for instance. He quickly adapted to the techniques of being a karting racing driver, winning many events and defending titles he had previously won. Lex eventually came to the conclusion that indoor karting could not offer him any more progress, as he had reached the top - and decided the only way forward for him to make it as a professional kart racing driver was to enter the outdoor karting world. Lex will never forget what indoor karting did for him. It guided him in his karting adventure as a stepping stone to the world stage of karting. Lex will be touring the UK this year at various tracks, competing in the junior classes against top contenders, in an attempt to knock them off the top spot in professional karting. Not long ago he managed to get his first sponsor, to help him compete against the best drivers in the country. This sponsor kindly provided Lex with a top spec. kart, after monitoring Lex's progress during his indoor quest. The kart he is using now is powered by the Junior 125 Max Evo engine, achieving speeds around 65 - 70mph. I would like to invite anyone who is interested in the sport to get in touch and offer them possible advertising exposure to help grow their business. Lex and I are looking for business owners and any other interested parties who would like serious advertising exposure to help them promote their names to the top of their field. We would like to discuss with business owners any possible sponsorship support they might want to offer. In return for sponsorship we would be very happy to display all sponsors' logos on Lex's race kart, race wear and website, and advertising banners at all race meetings to help businesses get their names recognised by more people further afield. If you are interested in advertising, and would like to form a long term partnership in motorsport, I would love to hear from you. You are more than welcome to attend Lex's home track - the Rednal circuit located in Oswestry, Shropshire - to monitor Lex's progression in the world of motorsport". Contact: Darren Stevens, Team Lex Karting Promotions. Address: 19 Arleston Lane, Telford TF1 2LT. Tel.: 07960902448. E-mail:
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