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10th February, 2021

Fulham Football Club welcomes CAE Technology Solutions as Official Partner

Fulham Football Club has signed an agreement with CAE Technology Solutions (CAE), who will become their Official Partner for the next three seasons, until the end of the 2022-2023 campaign.

CAE is a leading IT infrastructure solutions provider with a purpose of transforming people's experiences, attitudes and lives through technology.

By having a unique approach, says the company, based on understanding and promoting a combination of amazing technology and dedicated people, every opportunity is explored to bring the most suitable and innovative technological solutions.

Bringing together solutions encompassing Network, Datacentre, Workforce and Security, CAE is able to work with both private and public sector organisations across the globe so that organisations can be connected, have better opportunities and deliver better outcomes.

During the term of the partnership, CAE will be assisting the club in targeted investments like the design and deployment of the network, Wi-Fi and IT infrastructure for Fulham Pier, whilst also focusing on cost optimisation on day-to-day IT needs. The club's IT supply will be consolidated into a single point of contact to assist with overall business requirements.

"Our organisations share a passion for results, for making a global impact and for developing talent that promises a long and successful future", said Justin Harling, Chief Executive Officer of CAE. "Fulham have demonstrated dedication on and off the pitch can inspire the club to greater heights and give the fans a remarkable experience of top-class football. We are committed to supporting Fulham in cementing their place in the top tier and a future that will continue to bring success for the club and everyone connected with them".

Jon Don-Carolis, Sales Director at Fulham FC, added: "We are delighted to bring CAE Technology Services on board as Official Partner of both the club and Fulham Pier development. Through shared values of innovation and sustainability we look forward to working in collaboration with CAE to drive our technology vision and to deliver a world class customer experience 365 days per year".









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