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  UK sponsorship news update ... 10th December, 2010
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The Jem Show would like to chat to sponsors seeking sparkling opportunities for prime time TV coverage

Here's an opportunity to be part of an exciting new chat show to be aired soon on Sky Channel 184.

Think Oprah/Donal Macintyre and you have The Jem Show, a controversial, highly interactive guest- and audience-based chat show with guests' stories that will both shock and educate the viewers.

There will be weekly shows of hard-hitting topics, with filming on location to get to the heart of the real life issues and stories.

Jemima will be taking risks during some of the location filming, to give the audience and viewers an insight into matters that we sometimes choose to ignore.


The first series shows will cover Gangs, Crime, Drugs and Unusual Relationships. The show aims to help people who may have suffered in the past come to terms with, or seek counselling for, their experiences.

"Ben TV is on Sky Channel 184 and has over a million viewers daily within the UK and thirty million viewers worldwide, with its coverage reaching the Middle East, Asia, France, Italy, Spain and Africa (to name just a few). Your company cannot afford to miss the chance of being associated with a show that is due to get a lot of media attention globally!

"We are looking for a company to sponsor four shows per series at a cost of 5,000 per show, 20,000 in total. This is a very minimal amount for prime time TV which will air every Saturday at 9.00pm. Of the four shows, three will be hard-hitting topics and one will be more light-hearted, to make up the series.


"A relevant charity will also be involved with every show and our resident counsellor will be providing help before and after the shows.

"Your company's advert will go out before and after the breaks of the one-hour show, with breaks every fifteen minutes.

"Your company will also be involved in any media publicity: newspaper and magazine coverage surrounding the show will be uploaded to the Ben TV website for the official sponsor, who will be included in the promo that will be shown on the Ben TV channel before the show is aired".

Contact: Jemima Slade

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