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3D Cakes' new TV series, airing on the Discovery Network (US) TLC, is currently seeking a brand sponsor. This reality 'build' show is based on a fun, high-energy group of cake designers in Edinburgh, Scotland, with unique world-class skills, creating spectacular cakes for high-profile clients and media events. "The show is unique, with a cake-build angle like no other. We'll be happy to supply our pitch package, sizzle reel and TLC's letter of commitment for more details on the series concept. Cakes are a pillar to the Discovery network; TLC is notably the channel on which the highly successful Cake Boss show was launched, and currently airs. Please see the document available via the download button below or contact us for more detailed information, about this exciting opportunity". ** Make contact for updated details **. Contact: David Duncan. Address: 3D Cakes, 20 Roseburn Terrace, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH12 6AW. Tel.: 0131 337 9990 or 0560 205 1641. E-mail:
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What benefits can we offer you as 3D Cakes TV series' brand sponsor?

    Unique opportunity to guarantee a prime position on TLC and maximum visibility to your target audience of cake bakers.
    The show will air to TLC's 96 million households.
    Build your brand fame.
    Influence purchase decisions via product placement.
    Stand out in the market through association with an exciting, dynamic cake build TV series.
    Professional production of sponsorship advert, which will air a total of 8 times per each 30-minute episode (10-15 second advert shown at the beginning and end of each commercial break, and at the beginning and conclusion of each episode). Further commercial time is also available, if required.
    Sponsorship of the series offers a cost of $937.50 for a 30 second ad., whereas directly from Discovery (TLC) the cost would be around $2,200.00 - $2,600.00 per 30" spot.

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Celebrating black and ethnic minority personality in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts, the BEFFTA Awards is a fast-growing awards ceremony. The ceremony attracts up to 3,000 people in attendance and the BEFFTA voting system attracts around 45,000 voters across its many categories. BEFFTA will offer sponsors free advertising on BEFFTA TV which is aired on Sky TV, depending on the sponsorship package they choose. "We also have a quarterly magazine which they will be featured in, along with visibility on our website, which attracts a high volume of visitors. The sixth annual event was held in October at The Hippodrome in Golders Green, London. Please visit the BEFFTA website - www.beffta.com/news - for further insight of what BEFFTA is all about. Details about sponsorship packages are available upon request". Contact: Verona White. Address: 8 Forty Close, Wembley, Middx. HA9 8LJ. Tel.: 07958 044678. E-mail:
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Hold That Shot is launching a brand new TV programme for short film-makers around the world to show their work. The Short Film Show will be a show that focuses on the very best talent from short film-makers across the globe, from BAFTA award winning short films to unknown young film-makers from all backgrounds and budgets. "There's a vast array of award-winning short films out there, made on budgets between £0 and £1 million. They are shown at local cinemas for audiences of just hundreds and then uploaded onto platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. They end up sitting on servers, gathering viral dust, having served their purpose Ė to propel their producers and film-makers to the next level in their careers. The problem with their being on the internet is that once you have seen one good one it's a tedious process searching for the next. Let's say you do find one, it's only another few minutes before you have to search again. We want to take the best new shorts from around the world, from film-makers of all backgrounds and budgets, and put them together in a digestible, eye-catching package. The show will be fronted by two presenters in a studio. They will take us on a journey through the world of short films with a short description leading into each film. There will be a total of 6-8 short films within an hour-long show with one of them being voted by the show's production team into the final section of the show - part 4. Part 4 - the final section - will be the 'Feature' part where the chosen film is screened and the makers of the film are invited into the studio to discuss the various aspects of their production with the presenters. This film then goes on to the final show of the series. Sponsorship slots will be offered to a brand that fits the ethos of the programme and the audience. The sponsorship will be embedded into the programme regardless of where in the world the programme is eventually shown. The sponsor will also have their logo and links clearly displayed on the programme's website. We will work with the sponsor to provide a quality marketing campaign to be shown within the programme. The sponsor would always have the option to opt-out of being included in the programme when it is sold worldwide. We will also offer product placement during the presenter links. This could be for a drinks or clothing brand or verbal endorsements of a product or business. Each product would be visible during the programme links. For more information, please download our introduction to the project via the download button below, visit our website or drop us an email". Contact: Alex Doherty, Company Director. Address: Hold That Shot Ltd, The Old Drill Hall, 10 Arnothill Road, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 6LJ. Tel.: 0115 772 2019. E-mail:
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Roll Your Own Productions are offering a sponsored advertisement deal in association with Exit 7, produced by Roll Your Own Productions and airing on Made Television. "The show will air on all four Made TV stations in Cardiff, Bristol, Leeds and Tyne & Wear for seven weeks (seven episodes). The shows will be repeated on these stations roughly ten times in the week following, including Friday's prime time 9.00pm slot, giving added exposure. The sponsorship would incorporate a 'mini-advertisement' before the show (10 seconds), bookending the commercial break (5 seconds each) and at the end of the show (10 seconds). This advertisement would give you 30 seconds of commercial air time for each episode. The style would be up to you, but would have to abide by standard Ofcom rules and include a line such as 'Exit 7 is sponsored by ...'. We have included some more information in our download document (see link below), which also contains some suggested pricing and contact details. If you are interested, then please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you". Contact: David Roberts. Address: Portland House, 113-116 Bute Street, Cardiff CF10 5EQ. Tel.: 07479 751412. E-mail:
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  Download more info.!   Click button to download more information about sponsorship opportunities offered by Roll Your Own Productions (pdf format)


Fractured is a short eco-thriller/buddy film about two unlikely allies, Jonie and Cara, who take a stand against a fracking company that's secretly developing a drilling site. The directors of Rocky Bay Productions believe that engaging and entertaining fiction films have enormous power to draw viewers' attention to crucial issues facing the world. "There is no doubt that fracking is a pressing environmental issue, yet many young people are not aware of its implications. This is our primary target audience. To draw in younger viewers who would not necessarily seek out documentaries on the topic, we address this serious issue through a gripping narrative, peppered with irreverent wit. To achieve our ambitious distribution goals, we will implement a hybrid distribution strategy, which combines classic and DIY models and has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of viewers. Sponsorship of this film will increase brand awareness and affinity for you, your company or your organisation and help build your customer base, especially among younger consumers. We are offering your name and logo a presence in the front or end credits of the film, depending on the level of sponsorship. Together, the project stakeholders, including the young actors, have an enormous social media presence and will be a walking commercial for their sponsors wherever they go. Written by Lambert Nagle and to be directed by Virginia Pitts, Fractured will be produced by Rocky Bay Productions Ltd. Between them, the producers Alison Ripley Cubitt and Virginia Pitts, have over thirty-five years screen production experience. Their film and television productions have been selected to screen at over forty international festivals, won awards, gained theatrical release and sold widely. Award-winning cinematographer, Frank Madone, has joined the team and two brilliant young actors, Josephine Rogers and Acushla-Tara Kupe, have been cast in the main roles. Fractured is not only a standalone short film, it is also a pilot and pathway to an environmentally-focused feature film and television series. While the latter two productions will be eligible for industry funding, this is not the case for Fractured, despite the increasing popularity of shorts in the digital age. By contributing to this film, you will not only help kick-start a series of environmentally-themed dramas for screen, but be part of a broad movement working to protect the future of the planet and its inhabitants. Sponsorship is sought for both the production (late July/early August) and post-production (September-December) of the film". A full sponsorship proposal is available on request. Contact: Virginia Pitts, Co-Producer/Director. Address: 30 Holters Mill, Canterbury, Kent CT2 8SP. Tel.: 07581 309837. E-mail:
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31st December, 2018
Following the successful use of paramotors on a major scientific expedition by the Scientific Exploration Society in the Bolivian Amazonas in an earlier expedition, it is proposed to develop the concept of using paramotors and all terrain vehicles, working together on a series of scientific projects. A small team of experts have come together to plan the ventures and they consist of the following individuals: John Blashford Snell, Scientific Exploration Society; Alex Ledger, SkySchool Flight Centre; Alan Morton, Proactive TV. The first expedition is to Botswana and the aim is to research areas of scientific interest as well as support the local community. Proactive TV have agreed to film the expeditions with the aim of placing them on either Channel 4 or the Discovery Channel. The charity Just a Drop has also agreed to support the expedition. These expeditions are clearly advantageous for either a single main sponsor or a variety of different sponsors. "We therefore propose that interested parties should contact us to discuss the options available". Contact: Alex Ledger. Address: Rams Hill Farm, Manston, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 1HD. Tel.: 07747 097527. E-mail:
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Candystore Productions' new TV series OnScreen is currently seeking a sponsor. This weekly half-hour film review show will cover each of the week's new cinema releases, alongside the weekly film news, box office top ten, competitions and interviews with an array of entertainment personalities. Produced by a dedicated team with a wealth of experience, industry relationships and awards recognition, OnScreen will appear alongside an existing weekly radio show (to be rebranded OffScreen upon its counterpart's launch) and a new UK-based film news and reviews website with a marketing push of "OnScreen, OffScreen, OnLine: movie news and reviews the way you want them". OnScreen has an agreement to broadcast on four community television channels throughout the UK upon launch, with a fifth to follow shortly after. Each episode will also be made freely available through online outlets, with other interested community stations to follow in the coming months. Sponsors will be in on Day One with a dynamic first-of-its-kind cross-platform film show, with a predicted launch audience of 937,000 (based on established BARB figures) and the opportunity to present their brand in tandem with OnScreen - represented through four idents per show (10-15 second advert shown at the beginning and end of each commercial break, and at the beginning and conclusion of each episode). Sponsorship of the series is sought solely to offset the weekly production budget, and offers a cost of £350.00 per episode. "Contact us for more detailed information about this exciting opportunity". Contact: Van Connor, Producer. Tel.: 07742429506. E-mail:


Sponsorship of this Club Championship Kart Racing show, to be screened on Motors TV UK (via Sky Television) promises to elevate its sponsor to new heights of success, by harnessing the power of TV to provide mass coverage for the company's brand and products. This one hour programme of highlights will be repeated four or five times a month, representing a total of five or six hours of TV exposure for the sponsoring company. With the cut and thrust of interviews and podium trophy presentations, interest will be maintained until the end of the season when the ultimate champions will be crowned. All in all, this will make fantastic TV - and is the complete package, as effective as any company could need to stimulate consumer interest and generate an increase in sales. The sponsor's company will be introduced as the sponsor at the start of the programme; again into and out of commercial breaks; and also at the end of the programme. Opportunities include    Major sponsorship    Secondary sponsorship    Associate sponsorship    Advertising    Hospitality - the sponsor can enjoy free buffet style food to entertain clients or reward employees    Large 12ft x 3ft signage showing the sponsor's company name and logo, all in prime locations around the circuit (in camera shot)    Podium backdrop advertising showing the sponsor's company name and logo (in camera shot)    Full page programme advertising    Mention in any press/media attention which is generated by the championship    Club websites    The sponsor's company will receive full trophy sponsorship. "The advertising potential is endless", say the organisers. Contact: Steve Seal. Tel.: 07955 575864. E-mail: brad991@live.co.uk.


Here's an opportunity to get involved and sponsor the next big sitcom in the UK with national coverage. Make it Plumb is a sitcom set in Yorkshire focussing on the building trade. We follow the lives of two down on their luck joiners looking to make their lives plumb again. "My name is Andrew Dorree and I am the Executive Producer of the production company LittleRedVan. We have just secured a commission from MADE TV to shoot the sitcom, Make it Plumb, to air nationally in the UK later this year. MADE TV is the largest network in the UK's new market of local TV stations, launching this year on Freeview Channel 8 as well as Sky, Virgin and Freesat. Its stations have a combined potential audience of 10,000,000+ and the deal includes catch up TV on their iPlayer facility". Contact: Andrew Dorree. Address: 3 Spring Mills, Batley, West Yorkshire WF17 8FJ. Tel.: +447970757137. E-mail:
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Macino Entertainment Hollywood (UK) Ltd is seeking sponsorship/finance for an all-new American television series. "We have one hundred episodes developed. The series is set and filmed on HD in Beverly Hills, California. It is an original new series about four Beverly Hills private investigators. Also we are one of the only production companies that can offer a zero risk deal to a sponsor or lender, and here's how. We have financial underwriters in the USA that have taken a great deal of time to assess the credit risk of investing with our company. Our executive team has a director with credits such as Buffy the Vampire, Starsky and Hutch and Hawaii Five O. Our three producers all have over twenty-five years experience of film and television in the UK and US. Information about the series can be found here: http://www.macino-entertainment.com/clubbeverlyhillsoriginaltvseriescreatedbymykemacino.htm. Our list of high profile guest stars can be found here: http://www.clubbeverlyhillstvseries.com/thecast.htm. Contact: Producer Paul Tucker, Suite 926, Old House, Shepperton Film Studios, Studios Rd, Shepperton, Middx, TW17 QUD. E-Mail: prjtucker@btinternet.com. Tel.: Studios Office - 01932 592113; or direct - 07802 849 495; or writer and CEO Myke Macino, e-mail: mailoffice@macino-entertainment.com; office: 0207 657 3737. Alternatively, direct 07905 087778. This is an amazing new worldwide HD action television series, from a team that has already produced several of the best television series of all time. JV, equity and great returns offered". Contact: Paul Tucker, European Vice President. Address: Macino Entertainment Hollywood UK Ltd, 18 Soho Square, London W1. Tel.: 0800 689 9922. Fax: 0207 785 6869. E-mail: mailoffice@macino-entertainment.com
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Presented by Kevin Moore, The Moore Show - Alternative Late Night Talk provides the platform from which some of the world's greatest philosophers, paranormal researchers, life coaches, spiritual teachers and authors can communicate their work, research, observations and reflections, and infuse into our common knowledge their understanding of life and the universe. "The Moore Show is one of the top paranormal TV and radio talk shows which include Spiritual and Personal Growth. The Moore Show will be reaching this ever-growing group of people searching for deeper understanding in their life and the universe. The guests invited on the show are experienced individuals, renowned in their field, who aspire to empower and teach the viewers/listeners to search for spiritual solutions to their daily living. The Moore Show is based on a US radio show, Coast to Coast AM, which has listeners in the millions, and the UK market is now primed and ready for the equivalent show. The show consists of three to four parts, with all shows being uploaded to our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/themooreshowofficial. Viewers are ready for this content and ready for this type of show. The show will broadcast seven days a week on Sky 192 and FreeSat 402. Thank you for reading". Contact: Kevin Moore. Address: 19 Heol Staughton, Cardiff CF10 5FS. Tel.: 07957848483. E-mail:
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