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Handball has been an Olympic sport since 1972 (Men) and 1976 (Women). British Handball has an automatic entry to the London 2012 Olympics. Many possibilities exist for financial, 'in-kind' and knowledge/skills partnerships. Recognising that handball is still a minority sport in Britain, the organisation is keen to build relationships with partners who are able to help the sport grow and increase their involvement as it grows. Opportunities include    British Teams/Top Sponsor: GB Men's and Women's teams will play between eighty and one hundred international matches up to 2012. Provided that sponsorship can be secured, half of these could be in the UK. This is the sport's most valuable property and is reserved for a top sponsor, who would benefit from access to prime position on the team shirt; would feature prominently on the BHA website and all BHA printed materials; would have the right to advertise the relationship internally and externally; would have courtside and programme advertising at all home matches; and would receive other benefits afforded to other sponsors.    Association with an Olympic team: the IOC rules are tight but sponsor association can be implied and promoted through editorials and interviews, etc., basically in any way that does not imply that the sponsor is a 2012 Olympic sponsor.    High profile association with future Olympians: athletes can provide personal appearances, speaking engagements, team building activities, presentations and media opportunities, plus signed clothing and memorabilia. The sponsor can be provided with tickets to events and exposure on the BHA website. Further visibility can be provided through advertising on athletes' leisure clothing and luggage, car stickers, athletes' personal stationery and blogs plus sponsor publications and websites.    Events: British teams competing in home tournaments; tickets to events, VIP accreditation, courtside banners, event website and advertising, media coverage; merchandising opportunities.    Super League: a potential promotional series featuring Great Britain and International stars - presently only a concept but believed to have considerable commercial potential and TV interest.    Development: school and junior handball development programmes - there are a number of development opportunities through school and community sports partnerships, along with youth organisations such as Street Games.    Home Nation Associations: association with ENG and SCO national teams and National Leagues - national teams competing in European age group competition, league sponsorship, finals tournaments and cup finals; club clothing sponsorship.    Media coverage: strong (proven) media opportunities, in particular related to 2012 Olympics and because of the 'challenges' facing British Handball; own in house media officer; nearly 400 media contacts on the regular mailing list; Handball News weekly e-newsletter (sponsorship opportunity). Contact: Paul Goodwin, General Manager. Tel.: +44 (0) 7970 474714. Fax no.: +44 (0) 1233 221634. E-mail: paul.goodwin@britishhandball.com.
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