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Ref. no.
Description/contact info.
Bournyack Theatre Company is a brand new theatre company based in London, formed in late 2015 by a group of actors who are inspired by great playwrights such as Alan Ayckbourn, along with up and new coming writers who have a voice. "Theatre should be an experience of entertaining, but should also make you laugh, cry and ultimately think. Bournyack is seeking business sponsorship to aid the setting up of our first production - by Alan Ayckbourn, Drowning On Dry Land - which opens in June 2016 for a week's run at the fabulous Landor Theatre in London. Mr Ayckbourn's play has a social message and examines the current obsession with Celebrity for its own sake and chillingly, but hilariously, demonstrates how celebrities can be destroyed as quickly as they can be made. We want to eventually tour such great work and we also want to also raise awareness for people who suffer 'strokes' in life, for which age never defines. They can affect any person at any age. Sir Alan himself suffered a stroke, and has overcome this to continue to write. Bournyack Theatre Company is also proud to announce that The Stroke Association has agreed to join us in the capacity of affiliated member. We look forward to using this opportunity to increase awareness and, hopefully, raise some funds for such a significant charity. Sir Alan Ayckbourn himself overcame a stroke in 2006; therefore, this partnership is of special significance for us. For a small investment, a potential sponsor would benefit from high profile national advertising in all promotional material and media exposure associated with the production". Contact: Martin Rossen. Address: 29 Opal House, Percy Gardens, Worcester Park, Surrey KT4 7SD. Tel.: 07973 832926. E-mail:
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The Cambridge Shakespeare Festival, established in 1988, delivers outstanding performances of Shakespeare plays throughout July and August each year. The productions, in full Elizabethan costume, are staged open-air in the beautiful gardens of the Colleges of Cambridge University (including King's, St John's and Trinity). The Company consists of professional actors from all over the UK who come together annually for the Festival. The CSF was listed fourth in The Independent on Sunday's list of the "Top 50 UK Arts Festivals" recently. The CSF aims to deliver creative partnerships that allow companies the opportunity to be associated with one of the UK's leading theatre companies, to entertain clients and staff at internationally renowned productions and to gain media opportunities with extensive coverage throughout Cambridgeshire and the UK. "The Company also has an extensive educational and charitable programme and in ... [a recent year] ... the amount raised for our nominated charities topped £45,000. An evening at the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival is a unique experience. Prior to the performance, members of the audience can picnic in this idyllic setting, before sitting back to enjoy an evening of dynamic and highly visual theatre. The Festival prides itself on an artistic policy which strips away unnecessary theatrical artifice and gimmickry, and the Company exists to provide access for all to these marvellous works without assuming any prior knowledge of the author or the play in question". Contact: Dr David Crilly, Artistic Director. Address: South Lodge, Thornton Common Road, Thornton Hough CH63 4JU. E-mail:
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The Drama Association of Wales' services include the encouragement and support of new writing for the theatre in both English and Welsh. As an integral part of its new writing programme the organisation runs an annual playwriting competition, the prizes for which include consideration for publication and cash prizes. Previous winners have been published and performed in theatres throughout the UK and in many countries overseas. The association distributes information and entry forms to Regional Arts Boards and libraries in Wales and the rest of the UK, as well as to individuals across the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide. They welcome entries in both English and Welsh and last year the competition attracted 187 entries, including scripts from many of the countries in mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America. Unfortunately, because they have very limited funding for this venture it is difficult to meet the expense of marketing the competition sufficiently, not to mention the cash prizes and indeed the publication of winning entries. The association would like to offer attractive cash prizes as an incentive. To encourage new writing talent, they would also like to produce, or at least have a reading of, the winning plays of each category. There are three categories in the competition: Youth (for a cast between 16 and 25 years old), Open and Welsh Language. They do not expect 'money for nothing'; so in return for total financial support they propose the package set out in full below this listing. Contact: Teresa Hennessy, PR & Member Services Officer. Address: Drama Association of Wales, The Old Library, Singleton Road, Splott, Cardiff CF24 2ET. E-mail:
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Proposed sponsorship package

     Invite the sponsor to present the awards at the Wales One Act Festival Final at Theatr Clwyd, Mold. (Future competition results will be announced at different venues throughout Wales as the Wales One Act Festival is hosted by different Area Organisations).
     The sponsor's logo to be incorporated into all competition marketing.
     Any publication of prize winning plays by DAW to bear the sponsor's logo.
     Advertising space in DAW's membership magazine for one year/four editions (each edition of the magazine is mailed to 700 contacts, half of whom are group members, so total readership is immeasurable).

Further funding possibilities for future years could include:

     Performances of a selection of the winning entries under the banner of the sponsor's name and logo. Closing date for competition 31st January.


Annual: ongoing
A new comedy play inspired by the legendary Marx Brothers embarks on a nationwide tour this autumn. Just Some Theatre Company are producing The Doppel Gang, a new comedy by Dominic Hedges, which will tour twelve venues between September and November. "We are planning a much larger tour next year, taking in UK arts festivals, twenty-plus nationwide venues and at least three weeks in an established London theatre venue. We are offering sponsors the opportunity to get involved and help us create the first tour of the show, before we take it much further in the future. We also welcome sponsorship after the current tour, to make the show even better in 2016. Sponsors will be rewarded with prominent advertisements and thanks in our programme, tickets to the venue of their choice, opportunities to meet the cast, and a sponsor pack including signed posters, photos of the cast and programmes. More about the play ...     The Doppel Gang combines the wild wit of iconic comedy giants The Marx Brothers - Groucho, Harpo and Chico - with generous helpings of British humour and humility    war wages in Europe, while back in Blighty a group of entertainers battle to save a theatre from closure by masquerading as The Marx Brothers    as the Blitz tears through London, a hopeless theatre manager, Lombard, persuades a desperate double act, Tommy and Cyril, and not-so-convincing male impersonator Rachel, to join him in an audacious stunt - one last roll of the dice to save his building and boost morale    the curtain is about to rise, but so are the stakes as an unprecedented series of revelations leads to an exhilarating chain of events. Will anyone believe they are the real Marx Brothers? Playwright Dominic Hedges commented: "There are so many similarities between our comedy and that of our American cousins. We both think we're hilarious and we both think we're smarter than one another. Groucho Marx's lightning wit vs Eric Morecambe's wry asides for instance. I guess I've tried to pit us up against them, all the while hiding ourselves from the horrible reality of our Second World War surroundings. It's as though the faster we talk, the less life is real". And here's what the critics had to say about Just Some Theatre Company's tour of Coward, a speculative fiction about the playwright and wit Noel Coward, by James Martin Charlton. 'They clearly love every moment of their performance and it is a delight to watch', West End Wilma ****. 'The three men have a fantastic chemistry on stage and seamlessly they work together to create a big story in a small room', Bargain Theatreland. 'A gripping production with numerous layers to feed your mind and imagination for days', Everything Theatre ****. Coward was very well received by audiences and critics alike. Find out more about Just Some Theatre Company by visiting our website or social media pages". Contact: Jake Urry. Address: 57 Sideley, Kegworth, Derby DE74 2FJ. Tel.: 07816395883. E-mail:
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May 2016
Described by The Times as 'hypnotizing, captivating, electrifying', actress, singer and writer Nina Kristofferson is bringing her very special show, the Billie Holiday Story, which attracted critical and public acclaim, to a theatre near you after its sell-out run in London's West End and its 2014 Tour. This musical play is a brilliant cocktail of songs and stories from Billie Holiday's life, stirring the haunting memories that plagued her, featuring her greatest hits, God Bless The Child, Lover Man, Strange Fruit, Don't Explain, All of Me and many more, accompanied by an outstanding live jazz band. "The story embraces Billie at her best and at her worst, giving you an understanding of what she had to endure to survive to become the legend that she is today. Her story is timeless and echoes so many artistes in general who embrace the jazz, pop, screen, theatre and rock world. Billie Holiday, the unforgettable Lady Day! The demographic profile of the audience for the show ranges from 15 years and upwards. Our sponsorship packages are tailored to the individual needs of our sponsors, enabling you to achieve the maximum exposure and awareness of your brand, product, service or business. There is no sponsor or donation too big or small for us to accommodate. Each company will receive a range of tailored benefits that are exclusive to each partnership and are consistent with their level of support. These can include clients having dinner with the cast after the performance, voice-coaching/band sessions and backstage tours. So please get in touch, even if you would just like to run an idea past us, by emailing:
sponsorship2day@gmail.com. For more information on the show, click the link below to access the website". Contact: Elizabeth Davies, Sponsorship Administrator. Address: Suite 279, 116 Ballards Lane, Finchley, London N3 2DN. Tel.: +44 (0) 20 3138 0950. E-mail: sponsorship2day@gmail.com
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Rian Flatley's powerful play 7 Letters could spell dramatic success for sponsors targeting a regional audience. It is a poignant story of three elderly, amazing women who reside in a care home. Their past lives are told through flashbacks, graphic monologues and song. It is witty and thought-provoking, powerful and sometimes uncomfortably raw. It has themes encompassing the ageing process. "We are looking for sponsorship to bring this play to performance at regional level. We estimate a budget of £5,000, which would cover hire of premises, musicians and costumes and enable us to pay professional actors. More information is available on request". Contact: Rian Flatley. Address: 43 Templemere, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9PA. Tel.: 07968256465. E-mail:

Sponsor's benefits

The sponsor's contribution will be acknowledged with the following:

    Prominent advert in programme
    Mention in any interviews for newspapers and television
    Complimentary tickets to the premiere


Rumpus is a lively, established theatre company with a strong reputation for stylish productions of popular and exciting new plays - they are "masters of the high audience appeal production", Derbyshire Times. With a proven track record in small- and middle-scale touring, Rumpus is seeking business sponsorship in the form of a bridging loan to set up its first high profile Number 1 tour. The Signalman - a new play based on Charles Dickens' classic, well-known ghost story - has had two very successful regional productions (by Rumpus in Chesterfield and by Bill Kenwright at the Theatre Royal, Windsor) and was described by the press as "ideal entertainment for a winter's night", Observer, and, according to the Windsor Express, "deserves to join the ranks of stage shows that really send a shiver up the spine". It therefore appears ripe for large-scale touring, and has the serious potential for a London West End transfer. For a very small investment, a potential sponsor would benefit from high profile national advertising in all promotional material and media exposure associated with the production, and the accompanying kudos of supporting a high-quality, popular appeal arts project for the duration of the production. The download button below will provide more detail on what this sponsorship proposal actually involves, together with more about Rumpus. Contact: John Goodrum, Director. Address: Rumpus Theatre Company, 151 Birches Lane, South Wingfield, Derbyshire DE55 7LZ. Tel.: 01773 835703. Fax: 01773 835703. E-mail: admin@rumpustheatrecompany.co.uk
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  Download more info.!   Click button to download more information from Rumpus Theatre Company (pdf format)


Two-Headed was first performed and produced by Noor Lawson and Liz McMullen in 2009 as part of Kingston's International Youth Arts Festival at the Rose Theatre, Kingston, with a short run to follow at the CornerHouse Theatre in Surbiton, directed by Helen Broughton of Middlessex University. Both productions were received with great acclaim: "Lawson and McMullen allow themselves to be consumed by their characters, before portraying them with effortless effervescence, that leaves you feeling like you are watching a moment in history, rather than a present day re-enactment", Vernon Nxumalo, National Theatre Entry Pass Reviewer: "From childhood playfulness, via tense maturity to relaxed old age, this pair of gifted young actors mesmerise in portraying these vibrant yet damaged 19th century Americans"; "Director Helen Broughton has brought out the best from this important play and her exceptional players. Performances and a production to cherish", Ian Davies, Chair of Artistic Committee at The CornerHouse, Surbiton. Two-Headed is scheduled for an eighteen show run at Giant Olive's Gaea Festival this September. Given the play's earlier success, combined with Giant Olive's reputation and ever-growing patronage, the company anticipates a highly successful London production. Winner of three L.A. Weekly awards, including Best Play, Two-Headed is a captivating play about two friends whose lives are overshadowed by the dark events of their childhood. The play is set in the 'Wild West' during the nineteenth century. Immersed in a religious culture and constantly conflicted with the obligation to their community, Hettie and Lavinia have to choose to accept their lot in life or rebel against it. There are five scenes in which we see our protagonists Hettie and Lavinia age forty years, beginning as two young girls aged ten right through to two grumpy old grandmas aged fifty. "Jensen's intelligently unadorned voice is one worth listening to, now and in the future", Off-Broadway Review. The themes of the play can easily be transferred to modern society, where we see women constantly struggling for equality and independence either from religion, society or themselves. "With your help we can make the UK premiere of Julie Jensen's 'patchwork of poetry and wisdom' (Backstage Review) a huge success reaching wide and vast audiences. Together we will raise awareness of social issues such as: women's rights, polygamy and homosexual love. Due to the dramatic Arts Council cuts in Britain, Lawson and McMullen are currently seeking funding through other organisations both private and commercial. The entire production is budgeted at £4,100.00, including the costs of theatre hire, the rights for the play, PR and advertising, costume and set. It would be great if we could even manage to pay our artists. With the rights already secured, it´s now time to gather funds". Contact: Liz McMullen. Address: Flat 4, 35 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8HZ. Tel.: 07810 832596. E-mail:
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The sponsor's contribution will be acknowledged with the following:

     The Sponsor´s logo and links attached to our websites
     Mention in any interviews for newspapers and television
     A nightly commendation at each show´s curtain call
     Complimentary tickets to the premiere
     5,000 flyers to be distributed throughout London
     Prominently placed flyers sized A3

  Download more info.!   Click button to download more information about Two-Headed (pdf format)



Ref. no.
Description/contact info.
Contact: Kev F. Sutherland, Producer. Address: PO Box 48, Clevedon, Bristol BS21 7LQ. Tel.: 01275 872111. E-mail: kevf@sitsvac.org. Text: 07931 810858.
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Hand In Hand is a theatre production company that is looking for sponsorship in order to put on a play called 'Still Flame', about a young man in the 1960s who has arrived in England, believing that the streets are paved with gold and wishing to fulfil his ambition to become a musician. This is a play that has toured the UK in the past and now is the time for it to be revitalised. The author of the play and owner of Hand In Hand is Alphonso Tyndale, who has worked with Linton John Kwesi (who was the star of an 1980s rendition of 'Still Flame'), comedians Curtis and Ishmael (from The Real McCoy, who started out with Hand In Hand), Daddy Ernie (DJ Choice FM) and recording artist Smiley Culture. Details of sponsorship opportunities are available on request. Contact: Alphonso Tyndale. Address: 9 Fenner Close, Layard Road, Bermondsey, London SE16 2HN. Tel.: 07943079807. E-mail:


Ludere Productions seeks out work that is thought provoking and truthful, believing that in order to inspire change it must always create empathy, open doors for people by telling their stories and offer a voice to those who are often unheard. In 2008 Lara went to work in refugee camps in The Western Sahara as part of a collaboration. With a team of actors, directors and writers a play was written within the camps and brought back to the UK. The objective being to tell the story of 'one man's' struggle for freedom and key into a Western audience. This has inspired much of Ludere Productions' work and helped create its vision and objectives. Contact: Tansy Adair. Address: 302 The Hempstead Road, Hertfordshire WD17 4LY. Tel.: 07779787403. E-mail:
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Missing Pieces is an original theatre show - a play encompassing ballroom dancing, jive and Hollywood tap in the style of Eleanor Powell, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. "We are showing a two week fully-rehearsed development workshop, with top class dance routines choreographed by Richard Marcel of the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, Let's Dance and The Royal Variety Show. Consultant is Carole Todd who has Dreamboats and Petticoats in the West End and is a veteran of theatre, TV and film - and even Morecombe and Wise! We will cast West End performers. Missing Pieces is based on a true story of The Hauxwell Family of Darlington. It could be 'any family, any time, any place'. They lived through the Great Depression, the Second World War through to the '10 quid tourists" of the Sixties. This is a show for all the family, where dialogue turns into the fantasy of a full-on Hollywood tap routine or exquisite ballroom dance or comedy routine. Missing Pieces is an epic and ambitious show which deals with some of the hardest challenges that people face in life - such as death, disability, money problems and other pressures that they face when members of the family fall out. However - the play is darkly funny and they face all adversity with great strength and humour. We are seeking sponsors for the Missing Pieces Development Workshop - we need to raise £10,000. We had a semi-staged reading at Live Theatre, Newcastle and are showing the rehearsed development workshop with full dance routines to producers and interested parties at a beautiful Art Deco theatre with a West End sized stage. Participants will have first refusal on touring and further development. We have had interest already in booking the show. Please contact Graham to discuss how we can tailor sponsorship to your requirements or for more information. And please see our website for further details (via the link below)". Contact: Graham Howes, Artistic Director. Address: 3 Riverside Cottages, Cattawade, Manningtree CO11 1QL. Tel.: 0787 5720623. E-mail:
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