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Handmade in Britain is regarded by exhibitors and visitors as one of the leading organisers of contemporary craft and art fairs in the UK. With annual visitor figures exceeding 15,000+, Handmade in Britain events are an essential highlight of the UK's craft portfolio for designer-makers, collectors, industry professionals and design enthusiasts. Established in 2007, Handmade in Britain has provided a platform of support and promotion for art and craft talent through fairs, events alongside workshops and business mentoring for over a decade. In 2015, after the successful launch of the international contemporary craft event Handmade at Kew, Handmade in Britain is excited to collaborate once again with Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew to present a brand new outdoor sculpture trail, Sculpt at Kew. Bringing together the beautiful natural surroundings of the iconic Kew Gardens with stunning, man-made creations, Sculpt at Kew provides the opportunity for artists to show and sell their work whilst allowing the public to enjoy both the sculptures for sale and the gardens themselves. "Handmade in Britain is an ambitious and ever-expanding brand. We are continuously researching and developing fresh opportunities in the creative industry. With a passion for handmade, we seek new ways to promote the work of talented makers, designers and craftspeople and reach new audiences. We promote quality and skill, supporting worthy and lasting practices and these values are echoed in the way we work. We work with arts organisations to raise the profile of British designers through our shows and we are increasingly conscious of the opportunities we can offer to companies interested in supporting the British design industry, and in reaching its affluent, fashionable and discerning audience. We invite you to support the launch of this brand new sculpture exhibition, and in turn support contemporary artists and sculptors working in the UK today. We have a number of sponsorship opportunities available and are seeking like-minded organisations to creatively collaborate with, in turn benefiting Sculpt at Kew and your brand's visibility and status. Please get in touch for an informal chat about your marketing objectives and how your financial support will make a difference to the cultural landscape of the UK through the introduction of this new exhibition". Contact: Piyush Sun. Address: Studio 31, 21 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DX. Tel.: 0203 105 1682. E-mails:
piyush@handmadeinbritain.co.uk and info@handmadeinbritain.co.uk
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    Bespoke advertising campaign.
    Substantial brand exposure to over 100,000+ visitors during five week exhibition.
    Support and champion contemporary British and internationally renowned artists and talented craftspeople.
    Align your company with our industry values - quality, sustainability, tradition, heritage and conscious consumption.
    Raise brand awareness and associate your company with quality contemporary art and craftsmanship of the highest level.
    Build a mutually beneficial and bespoke partnership with Handmade in Britain that addresses your interests and objectives.
    Take full advantage of an iconic world heritage site in London, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


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9th September, 2017
Light Lab is a community arts organisation running projects across Scotland, set up by Edinburgh artist Kenny Bean. It provides a range of arts events to community groups using video projection and photography to increase people's skills, encourage their creative potential and boost confidence and self-esteem. Light Lab works with over 1,000 young people each year, through a series of workshop-based projects and arts events. There is great potential for a sponsor to help create brand new projects or to adopt an existing touring event helping to reach even more communities. Full details of sponsorship opportunities are available on request. Contact: Kenny Bean, Artistic Director. Tel.: 07720 840 847. Address: Light Lab, 29 Broomhall Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 7PX. E-mail:
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Examples of projects that require sponsorship

Lightspaces - a ten-day project allowing groups to create their own three-screen projection space to express their cultural identity.

Art in Landscape - a temporary art installation project to create artwork within the natural environment making sculptural pieces and exterior projections.

Lightbox - a short workshop for young people to explore nature's diversity and complex patterns in a highly creative way.

Light Lab - a short workshop for young people in a schools to learn about the art and science of light from an experienced science communicator and light artist.

Caravan Obscura - a mobile art installation using lenses and light to project images onto the interior of a caravan. The installation is mostly used for large festivals and community outdoor events.



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Description/contact info.
Winter is a UK-based visual artist working in the medium of light and sculpture. She is looking for UK sponsorship for her first London solo exhibition, 'de transdental light', which will be advertised on the main Euston Road in London for a period of three weeks. Sponsorship will be included in all advertisements. She is an up and coming professional artist and is seeking sponsorship to help realise her full potential as a visual artist. "This is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with a truly groundbreaking event in a high profile location". Contact: Deon Winter. Address: U13 Studio/Gallery, Barton Hall, Barton Seagrave NN16. E-mail: winterdeon@aol.com
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Elaine Robinson's art explores connection, ancestry, nature, time and space. Born in the north of England in Barrow-in-furness, she gained an art/music (Hons) degree from the University of Leeds. Elaine worked in business and social work before becoming a professional artist. She has developed an approach to art and expression which works instinctively in the 'moving moment'. Constantly exploring aspects of time in relation to the person, many of the paintings have a message on the back which is only written at the moment ownership is taken for the painting. The paintings are bespoke with no prints made. Each of the paintings forms part of a complete and emerging element of time. The series of works are called "have", "been", "done" and "before", and although painted at a very different moving moment of time the power of the words together suggests very clearly something which has passed. However, as individual words they are relevant to the work, its owner and artist. Installation and sculpture work has become an expression arena where Elaine is able to explore more fully aspects of nature, history and symbolism which have, over time, become less familiar to us as an accepted alternative reality state. "Turning 'ages" is both an installation and sculpture which is presently doing a national city library tour around the UK. Writing groups have been inspired by the work and information regarding the tour and a running blog can be seen in the menu bar. Presently working on two new installation works for the public arena, Elaine is now seeking permanent sponsors. Please contact Elaine regarding sponsorship approaches and also commission related work. Contact: Elaine. Address: Top Floor Flat, 15 Apsley Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2SH. Tel.: 07764894428. E-mail:
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Talented artist Isobel Smith seeks backing to study at the Royal College of Art. Well known for her ground-breaking performances for adults, Isobel Smith is destined for success. Her work crosses genres of sculpture/installation and puppetry. Creatively brave, she is committed and passionate about playing her part in shaping the direction of British performance art. She needs your help to fulfil this ambition. She is presently looking for sponsorship to cover her fees and travel. Isobel has secured a 30% bursary from the Royal College of Art and is now seeking to raise the rest of the funding herself. She needs £16,000 to cover the next two years' college fees and travel costs. Isobel was over the moon to be awarded a place to study for an MA Sculpture/Performance at the Royal College of Art and is determined not to let financial concerns get in the way of this life-changing opportunity. Your sponsorship would relieve the financial burden and allow her to focus fully on her studies. "I'm perhaps not the usual candidate", says Isobel. "As a 48 year old mother of two, I may have more responsibilities than other students but I also have rich life experience to draw on. My commitment to art has been thoroughly tried and tested and now I'm ready fly!" Contact: Isobel Smith. Address: 2 Newhouse Farm Cottages, Firle, Lewes BN8 6ND. Tel.: 07904 208135. Fax no.: 01273 858336. E-mail:
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    Connection to cutting-edge artistic practice and ideas.
    Invite to shows at prestigious Royal College of Art.
    Invites to all Isobel Smith's events.
    A set of signed prints of the images that helped get her a place at RCA, dedicated to you.
    Regular progress reports to let you know how your help is making an impact.
    Sponsor to be mentioned in social media - Twitter and Facebook.
    Isobel Smith will make you a beautiful bespoke puppet!



Luke Jerram is seeking partners for a significant public artwork. Aeolus - an Acoustic Wind Pavilion, is an ambitious new work created by UK artist Luke Jerram (
www.lukejerram.com). Aeolus was the ruler of the four winds in Greek mythology. Aeolus is a giant singing sculpture that responds to the wind, providing a wonderful audio-visual experience. It is a spectacular optical and acoustic pavilion that has been developed by Jerram and a specialist team of engineers from the University of Southampton. Fabricated in steel and the size of a small house, it is the outcome of research into Aeolian harps and sound chambers. Just like wind turbines, it relies on the wind to animate it. There are opportunities for organisations to be involved and benefit from the international profile that involvement brings. "The work already has significant funding in place and we now need support, either in cash or in kind, to take this exciting new work on tour and share it with audiences throughout the country". Updated information is available on request. Contact: Carolyn Black. Address: Pervasive Media Studio, Leadworks, Anchor Square, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB. Tel.: 0117 9157237. E-mail: info@lukejerram.com
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Sponsors will benefit from:

    Substantial national and international press coverage
    Corporate hospitality events and conference profiling
    Full accreditation (logos and company name) online, in press releases and in all printed materials
    Diverse audiences - Aeolus will be seen by thousands of people


Patty Williams offers sponsorship opportunities in connection with a sculpture project, The Four Horses. The pieces are four life size, head and neck, sculpted and mosaiced horses; the subject, our diverse relationship with animals. "This project is a culmination of my thoughts and feelings so far. I've used the horse because it's both wild and domesticated. We 'connect' with this animal. The individual titles are Freedom, Control, Domesticity and Death. The working title for the whole project is Remorse. The pose and mosaicing material specifically reflect each title, eg 'Freedom' (85% complete) - strong and unbowed, mane flying back, the 'messenger' has arrived. The small flint stones from the south coast (some with fossils) I've used, have an energy and feel that enhances the sense of liberty. The second piece, 'Control', is based on the physicality of a thoroughbred. The natural black stones enhance its powerful energy, but it will be tight and concise to emphasise our desire to control, with a hint of madness in the eyes. 'Domesticity' - the pose emphasises a sense of unbalance, with man-made broken china to represent a smothering of natural instincts - sense numbing, sad, idiotic. Finally 'Death': highly reflective, compelling to view. Between each cut piece will be a vibrant coloured joint. Its reflective nature will leave little doubt as to whom has caused its demise. All four pieces must be exhibited as a group; each connects to the next. I am currently negotiating for exhibition space in relevant venues. I've worked part time since starting this project. Based on current progress I will finish in eighteen months if I work on it full time, which will require living expenses and transport costs for exhibitions - an estimated cost of £17,000. For interested sponsors I offer advertising space in conjuction with the exhibits and any other requirements that suit us both. For more information, photos and viewing of the first piece, contact me". Contact: Patty Williams. Address: Flat 2, 12a High Street, Arundel, West Sussex BN18 9AB. Tel.: 01903 885263. E-mail: pattywilliams112@yahoo.co.uk


Sponsorship is sought to create moulds for two sculptures which would be suitable for public display once cast. Both are figurative works, one entitled Renaissance. Details: 'Renaissance' - water feature (figure height 6 ft. 6 ins, width 4 ft, depth 2 ft 6 ins.). 'Renaissance' meaning revival, second youth, regeneration and rejuvenation by cooling water, is designed to have water flowing from the vessel over the figure, and could be adapted to be suitable for various locations. At present Renaissance is in plaster prior to moulding and casting. It is available to be cast in bronze, resin, or stone effect. The other sponsorship opportunity is to fund the mould for nine different life size sculptures of the Arctic Tern, which could form the basis from which sculptures could be built up for interior or exterior locations. Much more detailed information and illustration is available at the sculptress's website. Contact: Angela Munslow. Address: Mayfield Studio, 65 Station Road, Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent ST7 2PD. Tel./fax: 01270-873919. E-mail: angela@figurativeart.co.uk.
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