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Arawak is seeking sponsorship partners to put the show on the road. "We are a high profile carnival float comprising 150-300 participants from various cultures, including several celebrities such as Narran McLean, leading lady of the most popular West End musical, Tasha Danvers, G.B. Olympic medallist and Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry VC, parading around the entire carnival route in wonderfully vibrant costumes at the world famous Notting Hill Carnival, attracting 2-2.5 million visitors over two days of the August Bank Holiday weekend. We offer three sponsorship packages which are tailored to the individual needs of our sponsors, enabling you to achieve the maximum exposure and awareness of your brand, product, service or business on our 2 x 45' trucks, our double deck London bus, 500 printed T-shirts and any other promotional material you may wish to distribute. You will also be linked to our website -
www.arawak.eu. Arawak was formed in 2000 and has enjoyed twelve peaceful, happy carnivals with our superior security promoting health and safety. Having been commended by the Metropolitan Police, we are seen as a responsible professional organisation, featuring on prime time television on several occasions. Past sponsors include BBC London, AG Barr plc, Air Caribbean, Appleton Rum and many other brands. There is no sponsor too big or small for us to accommodate - so give us a call! You have everything to gain at the biggest street festival in Europe!" Contact: Lynda Joseph. Tel.: 07799655427. E-mail: email@arawak.eu.
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In its twenty-eighth year, the London School of Samba continues to produce spectacular samba drumming, dance shows and parades in exquisite costumes, entertaining millions of people every year. "We regularly perform throughout the UK and internationally at a range of high profile events, festivals and carnivals. Recent clients include Tate Modern, Southbank Centre, Chelsea Football Club, Glastonbury Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, Hong Kong Tourism Board and many more! We are now looking for financial support to help with our organisation's running costs, in return for intensive media coverage, large scale exposure at live events and brand awareness via our print, web and merchandise - as well as entertainment for your company. Packages range from £2,000 to £20,000, so please get in touch to find out more!" Contact: Louise Forster, Development Manager. Address: Unit B202.2, The Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road, SE16 4DG. Tel.: 0207 394 9847. E-mail:
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Masquerade 2000 is seeking partners to put on performances at various events. "We are one of the UK's largest carnival floats/troupes, comprising 800-1,000 participants from diverse cultures and age groups, from the regions and London, appearing on both days of carnival. The London Notting Hill Carnival attracts 2.5 million visitors over the August Bank Holiday weekend. We offer sponsorship packages which are tailored to the individual needs of our sponsors, enabling you to achieve the maximum exposure and awareness for your brand, product, service or business. We offer opportunities for advertisement on our banners (trucks), 800 t-shirts and any other promotional materials you may wish to distribute. You may also be linked to the website 'm2kmas.com', e-newsletter and social media platforms. M2K mas was established in 1992 and has celebrated twenty years of carnival with our superior security, promoting health and safety. We are a responsible professional organisation, winning major awards for our artistry. We have been featured on prime time television, press (VogueUK.com, Time Out London, Metro, etc.) and promotional material for the Olympics and Millenium celebrations. Previous sponsors include British Airways, Asda, Supermalt and ESG. We attend other regional carnivals in Swanage, Derby, Leicester and Bristol (half million visitors). Further details are available on request". Contact: Margaret Hamilton. Address: 32 Chichester Road, London E11 3LH. Tel.: 07956880635. E-mail:
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M2K Opportunities 2013

     Notting Hill Carnival launch: theme and product line
     M2K at Notting Hill Carnival parade (two day event)
     St Patricks Day appearance in Ireland: performers and float
     DJ Competition
     'R U Ready 2 Dance' competition.



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Description/contact info.
The Calabash is a carnival band which was set up in 2003. It facilitates three workshops per year to encourage young people to get involved in carnival and to utilise their creative skills. All the members of the club are volunteers and work hard to bring about the success of the club. Most of the club's members are from south west and west London and since its launch they have been actively promoting the culture of carnival and have taken part in local festivals and carnival, hosted workshops and fundraisers. Calabash Carnival Club's music is supplied by Leon The GodFather supported by Hotwax, Des and Prince. Contact: Mrs. Joan Joseph. Address: 34 Gatton Road, London SW17 0EZ. Tel.: 07961 427 392. E-mail: joanjoseph4@aol.com.
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The town carnival has been in decline for the last few years and was in danger of collapsing altogether until a new committee was formed. "We are turning around the carnival and now face the next step of moving forward. We need to find a sponsor to ensure we can carry on the work we have started. In return the sponsor will have their name on all our banners and advertising leafets, etc.. It is the committee's aim to make this carnival the best in Derbyshire. We would to like to have a carnival centre where we will have classes to help people make costumes and floats, etc. and also to teach steel drumming, dance and circus workshops. To enable us to put on real show-stopper of a carnival, we will need to hire people to help us fulfill our ambitions. But this comes at a cost, which we will need a sponsor to help cover. We will also do our own fundraising events, which we already do. Further details are available - please don't hesitate to contact me". Contact: Chris Booth, Chairman. Address: 4 Hoptonwood Close, Middleton, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 4NL. Tel.: 07849 000653. E-mail:



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